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Mail Order Bride: Blinded By Love (Brides Of The West: Book 1) Page 8

by Leah Wyett

  “Then you’ve obviously never devoured a book.” she said with a grin.

  “Obviously.” he said.

  “Have you gotten any letters lately?” she asked.

  He patted his front pocket. “I passed Mr. Lee on the way in. He said this came yesterday.”

  Hazel smiled enthusiastically and said, “Aren’t you going to read it?” John shrugged. He really didn’t care about finding the perfect woman any longer. As far as he was concerned, she was already taken. “Is it from someone you’ve already written to?”

  “No,” he said. “I was taking too long for the other two that I corresponded with. They got tired of waiting for me.”

  “Maybe this is the one.” she said with a smile. He doubted it. There was only one “the one” and Heath had beaten him to her. “Come on, open it.” she said.

  John liked to see her smile, so to make her happy he slid the letter out of his pocket and opened it up. A cabinet card slipped out and Hazel grabbed it. “She’s beautiful, John.” Hazel said. John looked at the photograph. The girl was very pretty. She looked to be early twenties with light hair and a slim build. “Don’t you think so?” Hazel asked him.

  John shrugged. He didn’t want to tell Hazel that he thought another woman was beautiful. “Yeah, I guess.” he said. He unfolded the letter and he could tell by the look on Hazel’s face that she was dying to hear what it said.

  “Would you like me to read it aloud?” he said, amused at her curiosity.

  “Yes, please.” she said with a grin.

  Mr. John Hartwell,

  I am writing in response to your article in the Matrimonial news. I am a woman of some means, twenty-two years old, who lives in Kansas with my grandparents. My own parents died tragically of the cholera a few years ago and my grandparents took me in. I was intrigued by your article as it said you were a “cowboy” by trade. I have always had a fondness in my heart for cowboys.

  I would love it if you might find the time to respond to this letter. Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have.


  Becky K. Dodd

  “It’s short.” John said.

  “Yes, but she doesn’t know you yet, John. That’s why you should write her back right away. You’ll discover more and more about each other as you go along.”

  John grinned at her. “You are a romantic, aren’t you?” he said.

  “Of course I am.” she said. “Look where I am. If I hadn’t answered that ad, and if I had given up anywhere along the way, look what I would have missed out on.” Then she picked up the photograph and handed it to him once more. “Look into her eyes with only your heart, John. What do you see?” Hazel looked up to see him looking at her eyes. “John, concentrate.” she said. “Look at the woman who will love you someday.” John was thinking, “I hope I am.” as he looked at Hazel but he chastised himself again and looked back at the photograph. She wasn’t bad; at least he wouldn’t be alone any longer, knowing that Heath was so happy with his perfect woman.

  “Okay.” he said. “I think I can see something there. Let’s write her a letter.”

  The End

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