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Scent of Scotland: Lord of Moray #1 (Scottish Werewolf Shifter Romance) Page 7

by Mac Flynn

They continued another five dozen steps before our feet finally touched flat ground. I stepped off the bottom step and found the lord stood at a five-foot distance from me against a slime-covered wall. A single, narrow hall ran to my left and right and totaled a hundred feet. The ceiling was so low I that my fingers could have brushed the wooden beams that kept back the countless tons of dirt over our heads. Holding cells with crude black bars graced the wall from which emerged the stairs. They were carved from the stone and earth, and were smaller than a cheap tenement room. Unlit torches were placed in metal holders between the dark cells.

  I took in a deep breath and choked. The air was heavy with damp and mold accumulated over hundreds of years. The stagnation clogged my lungs, and forced me to cover my nose and mouth. The lord looked around us and pursed his lips.

  "I apologize for bringing you down here, but the cells will be useful," he promised.

  I frowned. "Useful for whom?"

  "For you, as you will not be the occupant," he assured me.

  I furrowed my brow. "Then you will-"

  "Follow me and I will show you truth," he replied.

  The lord proceeded down the right-hand portion of the hall, and I followed this strange man to the last cell. He inserted the torch into an empty holder and took a ring of keys from a peg on the wall opposite the cells. The lord turned to me and held them out to me.

  "If you would lock me inside the final cell," he requested.

  I took the ring and glanced between him and the keys. "But why?" I asked him.

  "You will know in due time," he replied.

  I frowned. "You promised that I would know now," I reminded him.

  He shook his head and a sly smile slipped onto his lovely lips. "All I can say at the present is if you release me too soon you will find it most-well, perhaps most pleasant. Now please lock me inside," he instructed.

  The lord passed by me and stepped into the open cell. He turned to me and shut the door behind himself. I fumbled with the keys for a moment and tried half their number before I found the key which fit the lock. The door was secured, and I stepped back. He shrugged off his coat and set it on the ground against the far wall before he turned to me.

  "Whatever you do do not utter a sound nor make any sudden movements. The beast desires you, and should he notice you then I won't be able to control him," he warned me.

  I twisted my face into a quizzical expression. "'The beast?'" I repeated.

  The lord grasped the bars and closed his eyes. His teeth clenched together and he bowed his head. I opened my mouth, but my words struck in my throat when I glimpsed a change come over him. His clothes stretched and tore as fur broke through the skin over his entire body. The bars he grasped groaned as his prodigious strength crushed them beneath his fingers. The fingers stretched and thickened into sharp claws. His ears stretched up and back into sharp points, and his hair spilled over his back like a dark mane. He grew taller by half a foot and all but part of his ruined trousers fell in tatters to the ground. His shoes tore apart to reveal long feet where half the foot was angled upward off the ground so he stood only on his toes.

  His face lengthened into a long snout that was filled with sharp teeth. He raised his head and his eyes opened to reveal orbs of harvest gold. I gasped and stumbled back. The weight of the pistol in my hand reminded me I was not defenseless, and I raised my arm and pointed the barrel at the monster. The monster curled back its lips and snarled at me.

  Then it paused. An indecipherable emotion swept through its eyes. The beast leaned its snout through the bars and sniffed the air. Its eyes widened and it reached out for me. I screamed and stumbled back against the wall. The monster withdrew its arm and shook the bars of the cell. They quaked with its strength, but did not break. The monster growled at them and jumped at the lock. It pawed at it a few moments before it admitted defeat and returned its attention to me.

  I trembled from boot to head, and had I fired the pistol the shot would have been wildly off. The monster grasped the bars again and caught my eyes with its own. Those deep, golden orbs stared unblinkingly at me, and all of a sudden I smelt a familiar scent.

  It was the scent of the incense burner.

  The scent calmed my nerves and soothed my terrified mind. A sense of warmth and security washed over me. It was as though I had found sanctuary after a long chase. My body stopped trembling and I lowered the pistol. The beast's eyes flickered to the lock of the cell door.

  It was as though I was under a spell, but one so wonderful that all thought of escape was pushed from my mind. I shuddered as a deliciously warm heat surfaced inside me. The beast's nostrils flared and it rattled the stubborn bars. I understood what it desired, and my body desired the same.

  I dropped the pistol to the floor and moved over to the cell door. The monster stepped back to the rear of the cell as unlocked the door and stepped inside. My chest heaved as I walked over to the beast. The monster studied my face for a moment before it reached up and cupped one of my cheeks in its clawed hand. The warmth of its fingers evoked in me a deep ache that longed to be satiated. I had never before known sexual desire, and now I knew it with the strength of a lover.

  The beast unclasped my cloak and pushed the cloak from my shoulders. The thick cloth dropped atop the fur coat and created a small bed. The creature slid its hands down my sides and its sharp claws cut away my dress. Slits opened and revealed my bare, trembling flesh. I trembled from the anticipation of his touch against my flesh. His long snout reverted back to a human-like face. He leaned forward and pressed his lips against mine.

  I groaned into the kiss. He wrapped his arms around me and pressed me against him. Our warm bodies created a wonderful friction that heightened the ache inside me. We broke our kiss and both of us panted. His heated gaze seared me to my soul, and my desire tugged at me to accept this monster as my lover, my master. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes as I reveled in the warmth that engulfed my body.

  The monster leaned down and pressed soft, teasing kisses along my exposed neck. His hands cut my dress to the collar and he brushed away my dress as he had my cloak. Only my thin, white undergarments remained, but they were spare enough to reveal my heaving, swollen breasts. His warm, hot lips traveled down and kissed the tops. I gasped and clutched his head in my hands. He pressed me closer to him and licked and nipped at my trembling, sensitive mounds.

  His hands cut away at my undergarments with greater speed and soon the remainder of my clothes fell away. I stood before him naked, and he pulled me to arm's length to allow himself a full look. My thick body trembled beneath his heated gaze and I tried to cover myself. He growled and pulled my hands off me. I gasped and blushed as he studied every inch of me. His lips curled back in a feral grin that increased the ache inside me.

  He laid me down atop my ruined garments and his coat, and sat back to tear himself free of his last shred of clothes. His thick, pulsing member bespoke his need for me and the heat inside me erupted into demanding desire. It was an ache that needed to be fulfilled ere I be swallowed by the maddening lust. I whimpered and squirmed atop the fur cloak.

  The beast covered me with his body and his hands touched every part of me. He worshiped me and teased me with his gentle caresses and sweet lips. I grasped his shoulders and moaned. The scent of him so close to me left me delirious with need. All my thoughts focused only on him and his wonderful hands and lips. I wanted nothing more than for him to initiate me into the lustful rites of passionate lovers, to hold me close and ravish and dominate me.

  "My God," I groaned.

  He growled and raised himself on his arms to study my face. I parted my legs, and arched my back and pushed my breasts towards him. My lover positioned himself between my legs and pushed himself into me. His manhood stretched my wet walls and filled me with lust. He wrapped his arms around me and started our dance at an aching slow pace. His thrusts were long and deep, bu
t they did not satisfy me. My body demanded to be taken swiftly. I needed to be dominated, to have a mate who would quell the beast that arose inside me. Any less and he would be unworthy of me.

  "Faster," I demanded as I squirmed beneath him. I leaned forward and nipped at one of his pointed ears. My words were a warm whisper across his cheek, a teasing plea that thrilled us both. "Take me. Dominate me," I insisted. "Make me yours and keep me."

  He grunted and pushed faster into me. I cried out and grasped his shoulders as feelings of ecstasy washed over me. My body trembled with a pleasure that threatened to devour me, and I reveled in the thought of such an outcome. I ached for a release that would consume my body and soul, and I knew that only this monster, this beast of a man, could grant me such pleasure.

  He thrust hard and deep inside me until our union was all I knew. We were one, body and soul, and I wanted nothing more than for us to remain as such. After a lifetime of celibacy and church attendance, I found that heaven was lust with a man who was not a man.

  My lover penetrated me faster and faster. The torch lit over our sweat-soaked bodies and our joined forms gleamed in the dim light. My cries of joy filled the dark cell with a joy it had never known. I wrapped my arms around my fur-covered lover and pressed my breasts against his hard muscles. My pert nubs rubbed against him and caused a friction inside me that fulfilled my lustful wish for release at the hands of such a beast.

  Orgasm swept over my trembling form. I was awash in wonderful, penetrating desire that clung to me like a warm blanket on a cold day. My lover continued his lustful thrusts into me and lengthened my bliss until I knew nothing else but him. He thrust twice more beyond that, stiffened, and collapsed beside me.

  We lay there for a moment with the only noises being our panting. He reached out and wrapped his arms around me to pull me close to his warm body. The drafty cell lost its lustful allure as my feral desire faded from my body. My strength also faded and my eyes grew heavy. I lay my head against his furry chest and sighed. One of his hands petted my hair, and his gravelly, soothing voice whispered to me from the growing darkness.

  "Rest, Beloved."

  And I did.

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