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by Antonio D. Sommerio

  After pillaging his closet, Jacob finally decided on sweats and jogging attire. Dressed for the occasion he got back into his car breathing heavily as he put the watch onto his right wrist once again. It had been bothering him for a while now since he’d left the doctor. Maybe something had changed with his time, he thought. With a flick of his wrist, he positioned his rear-view mirror only to again be slapped in the face by disappointment. It was all the same, brutally accurate and forever ticking down. Jacob Parnell was still going to die, and soon.

  Jacob slowly drove down the neighborhood streets in search of his destination. There was no need to try and remain inconspicuous, as the whole area seemed desolate and barren. The Old Oak and Willow Trees were the only boisterous entities throughout the entire, eerily silenced area. The branches and leaves rustled as they swayed about the wind, irritated, complaining.

  Just then Jacob saw her. As if cued by fate, Rebecca pulled into the driveway of her small but quaint townhome. Exiting her mighty SUV, she flung her hair to one side and grabbed a small satchel from the passenger’s seat. Jacob parked across the street to better position himself and hopefully, remain unnoticed. As he placed the watch about his wrist, he realized he was too distant to make out the numbers above Rebecca’s head as she stepped into her home. “Damn!” he shouted. Not only was this completely unorthodox, it was just plain unorganized. He had no surveillance gear. Not even a crummy pair of binoculars. “What are you doing here Jacob?” he began to himself, “You steal her file, copy her address and now sit across from her home? This isn’t a stakeout and you’re not a cop! This is…. stalking is what it is and an invitation to jail!” Jacob’s delirium and self-conversing ended as he heard a disturbance from inside the house.

  A man’s voice deep and agitated roared about the premises. Jacob couldn’t hear the actual conversation and without thought opened his car door and snuck across the street. More preoccupied with hopes that the other residents of the neighborhood wouldn’t see him, Jacob hadn’t realized just how close he’d come to the house. With his heart pounding, he walked through the grass and slid his back up against the side of the structure and sat beneath the window.

  “What the fuck is your problem?! Every time I leave according to you my snatch is either in someone’s mouth or has a dick buried in it!” Rebecca’s voice was loud and mixed with frustration.

  “Bitch, who in the hell are you, to talk to me like this?” The man’s voice had calmed down just a bit.

  “You’ll never know Nick, cause according to you I’m just some fucking whore! So, fuck you!!”

  All went silent. Jacob slithered up to the window to try and get a view of the confrontation. They were both in the kitchen and Nick just stood staring at Rebecca nodding his head. He was a large man, cut and masculine. His bearded stubble told the story of a man who’d let himself go for at least a day or two. He looked in the air but for a short second before replying. “Fuck me huh? Fuck me!?” Then his voice grew angry and vicious. “No bitch, fuck you!” With that Nick violently grabbed Rebecca by her hair forcing her over the sink. He leaned forward putting his weight on her as she whimpered. Jacob couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Why wasn’t she fighting back? Nick grabbed her skirt pulling it to the floor and with another violent grasp ripped her panties off. He took off his belt and wrapped it around Rebecca’s neck like a loosely fitted noose. Spitting in his left hand and holding the belt in the other, he slapped the fluid upon her vagina and forced himself inside her. Rebecca’s whimpers turned into sobs as she clung tightly to the sink’s faucet. Nick continued to thrust repeatedly while grabbing Rebecca’s blouse in one hand and holding the belt like a horse bridle in the other. At this point Jacob didn’t know what to do. He didn’t know why, but he couldn’t look away. He was both terrified and aroused simultaneously. Her skin was perfect, and the mystery behind what he’d stared at in the doctor’s office had been revealed. It too was perfect, firm, absorbing the friction of this monster as he took what he wanted. And with a conquering and exhausting growl, it was over. Nick stepped from behind Rebecca and sat down on the kitchen floor. His pants still lay at his ankles. Rebecca grabbed the belt, which now had dropped into the sink and flung it to the floor. Shaking she pulled up her skirt and grabbed a paper towel wiping the leaking semen that ran down her legs. She grabbed her keys from the nearby counter and headed toward the back door. “Where are you going?” moaned Nick as he reached for her leg, missing her. He had no energy left to pursue her. Rebecca didn’t speak, and her vision was blurred by the barrage of tears that ran down her cheeks. She just wanted out, to get away.

  Jacob, still awestruck remained staring at the filth of a man in the kitchen. He now understood what Dr. Kendal meant earlier. Rebecca wasn’t married but she was definitely Nick’s property. His thoughts were interrupted as Rebecca burst through the back door staggering toward the garage. Jacob dropped to the grass and crawled to the hedges nearby to stay out of view. Rebecca got into a small red Porsche locking both doors and clung to the steering wheel crying. Jacob could wait no longer, if he stayed put she would definitely see him. With his head low Jacob scurried like a rodent out of the yard and across the street making it halfway before tripping and falling in front of his car. “You gotta be fucking kidding me!” he exclaimed as he stood up. He looked over toward the garage to see if he had been discovered but Rebecca still remained motionless. He had escaped unnoticed for now, and so Jacob got into his car and hurried home.

  With the sun lying to rest for the evening, Jacob realized that since he’d been home he had just stared at the walls for literally hours. The day’s events and Rebecca remained frozen in his mind.

  “Knock, knock.” Jacob finally had the ability to focus on something else. A voice was heard coming from his front door. He had all but forgotten as he jumped up and answered it. “You know it’s 7:30 right? I’m just making sure I didn’t get stood up,” said Sheryl. Jacob nodded even though he had completely forgotten about her, and their dinner date.

  “Yes of course, I will be ready in just a few minutes,” replied Jacob. Sheryl smiled delightfully and walked away. Jacob quickly showered then nervously prepared himself for what he hadn’t experienced in quite a while, a home cooked meal and female companionship.

  He cleared his throat one final time before knocking on Sheryl’s door and tried to steady his shaking legs as she answered. “My, my, my, we are staying in for dinner you know.” Jacob nodded, he was a bit overdressed but his only recreation clothes now lay stained with grass and smelled atrocious!

  As he walked into Sheryl’s apartment, he was welcomed by the appealing smell of cinnamon. He could see the dinner table through a small corridor as he was received and seated in the living room.

  “You relax, and I will put on some dinner music.” Jacob nodded once more nervously. He just couldn’t relax. He began to whisper to himself as Sheryl walked to another room.

  “Relax Jacob she’s not going to eat you. It’s just dinner for Pete’s sake.” Then there it was, the delightful and soothing sound of violin strings—strummed ever so carefully. Jacob took a deep breath and finally was able to calm his nerves. It was as if she knew. It was as if she had looked into his life and gathered the recipe to ease his ever so worried mind.

  As Jacob continued to listen, he noticed several beautiful paintings hung about the living quarters. They were quite good actually, and had to have cost nothing less than a small fortune, he thought to himself.

  “Do you like them?” asked Sheryl extending her hand.

  “Oh, yes I could only imagine what they cost.”

  “Well the canvases are actually pretty cheap, and I just take a little extra of the oil paints from work, but I’m glad you like.”

  Jacob was flabbergasted. “Wow, I had no idea you—”

  “Had an ounce of talent?” interrupted Sheryl. “It’s just a hobby but if you’d like…I could do one especially for
you. Just no more fruit, I’m so bored of painting produce and whatnot.” She smiled at Jacob as he sat at the dinner table.

  “You definitely know how to set the mood,” said Jacob.

  “This is nothing; you should see what I do when I’m ready to get laid.”

  “What?!” yelped Jacob, completely stunned.

  “I’m just kidding, relax!” Sheryl chuckled as she poured Jacob a glass of wine.

  “You really are something, both beautiful and extremely talented.”

  “Why thank you, that’s really sweet. But you know I didn’t always feel that way, especially during high school. No one really dug the girl with red hair and matching freckles. I would often be welcomed at my locker by numerous ‘Strawberry Shortcake’ pictures and drawings! It really sucked, and my head isn’t anywhere near as big as hers!” Sheryl’s voice had gone into a pouting state as she finished. “Don’t you dare laugh either,” she continued gently swatting Jacob with an oven mitt. “Then college wasn’t much better. The only attention I got was from the idiot jocks with come-on lines like, ‘I bet you taste like strawberries,’ and ‘does the carpet match the drapes?’ Complete, friggin morons!” Jacob couldn’t help but release a small snicker that he covered up quickly by clearing his throat. Sheryl grabbed the other mitt and walked over toward the stove. For the first time Jacob was able to get a clear view of her attire for the evening aside the apron she wore in the front. As she bent over opening the oven Jacob swallowed deeply.

  His eyes were deceiving him! He could see himself taking Sheryl from behind, kissing and biting her about the neck. He grabbed her fiery red hair and took her just as Nick did Rebecca making her moan, “Fuck me Jake! Oh, Pleeeeeeeease fuck me!”

  “Jacob, Are you ok?” Jacob gasped as he was drawn back to reality. Sheryl stood before him with a concerned look about her face. “My goodness you’re flushed, is it the wine?”

  “N-no.” stuttered Jacob blinking rapidly and trying to regain his wits. “I’m fine. So, what did you prepare?”

  Sheryl smiled once again as she spoke. “We are having Stakeout!” Jacob jumped knocking over his wine glass.

  “What did you just say!?”

  “I said I made steak,” replied Sheryl as she grabbed a towel from the counter intercepting the wine before it reached the floor. “What is the matter Jacob, why are you so jittery?”

  “It’s…I’m sorry but I have to go!” Jacob got up nervously from the table and headed for the door. Sheryl left the spill and ran in front of him before he could exit.

  “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable. Please come back and sit down.”

  “Maybe another time,” replied Jacob as he stepped around her and opened the door. With that the door slammed shut and Sheryl sat on her sofa confused while blowing her hair out of her face. “Men!” she exclaimed.

  Jacob hurried to the kitchen grabbing the first glass he saw. His thoughts were scattered. What was that all about? Did he want her? Or did he really want Rebecca? Better yet was it a sign, a response? That final thought brought Jacob to his bedroom glass in hand as he opened his desk drawer and grabbed Theresa’s picture. “Is this your doing? Are you trying to tell me something?” He then placed the picture back in the drawer to escape further and unwanted emotion. Instead he opened the other and grabbed the bottle from inside. He nervously poured what would be the first of many. Without a breath in between, Jacob drank the first glass completely. It burned wonderfully as it escaped his throat and began its duties. Soon he would be relaxed, and so for the next half hour (or as much as he could remember) Jacob drank.

  Jacob woke to the vibration of his phone in his pants pocket. His throat was dry, and he could smell liquor with every breath taken. His head felt heavy and his eyes proved sensitive to light. It had been a while since Jacob felt this way (thankfully) and as he cleared his throat he grabbed his phone and answered. Missed it, and not only it but thirteen other calls as well. Jacob was surprised to see he’d slept most of the day. It was 6 p.m. and as he fumbled through his call log another call came through.

  “Hel…ahem, hello?” Jacob’s voice was raspy and dry. He cleared his throat in hope of securing a better tone.

  “Jacob where the hell are you? I’ve been trying to contact you all day!”

  “Dr. Kendal?” queried Jacob now recognizing the voice on the other end.

  “Yes, and I have important information for you regarding your test results. I can’t go into detail over the phone but meet me at 1425 W. Windsfield Ave. and we can speak in person. Just give them your name at the desk and come on in. We will talk results when you arrive.” Dr. Kendal’s voice sounded urgent and worried and before Jacob could reply, he’d hung up.

  This was it! Finally, some answers. Jacob grabbed his jacket and a pair of nearby dress shoes. He’d slept in his clothes, so he was as dressed as he felt needed. “Fifteen new voice messages?” he said while grabbing his phone. “It’ll have to wait until I get back.”

  And so, moments later Jacob found himself on his way. His route saw minimal traffic, and all was well until Jacob noticed bright flashing lights in his rear-view mirror. Confused, he verified his speed one last time before stopping. “Shit,” he said as he fumbled about his glove box. “I still reek of booze!” Before he knew it, there was a tap at his driver’s window. It was a police officer alright and to be more specific the one that normally directs traffic around his residence. Jacob slowly lowered the car window with his hand covering his mouth.

  “Mr. Parnell, right?” started the officer in a friendly tone. Jacob nodded. “Listen I didn’t mean to wig you out but you’re always on the go and this was the first time I’d been able to catch up with you. The name’s Officer Borelli, 17th district. I relocated here from the big N.Y. if you’re wondering about the accent…hey you ok?” Borelli questioned now noticing Jacob’s hand over his mouth.

  Jacob nodded before mumbling, “Dental work.”

  “Geez,” responded Borelli now holding his mouth. “You gotta get outta this air and get some rest. Anyway, I know you’ve noticed I normally direct traffic in your local. The one day I decided to head over to Frank’s for a Pastrami Deluxe…” at that moment Borelli paused briefly rubbing his stomach and shaking his head. “I’m sorry, I was having a moment. Anyway, I go to catch the greatest sandwich this side-a town and by the time I get outside there’s people everywhere. Seems some whack-job decided not to grab a cup of joe that morning and almost ran over some poor shmuck crossing Lexington Ave. He’d been pavement décor if it weren’t for your selfless act. To make it short, I shoudda been there and I owe you one, big time! You’re a real hero ya know? It’s folks like you that make a difference in this crummy dump. So, there you have it. If you need anything just let me know, and hey how bout sometime this week you and me head over to Frank’s for a Pastrami Deluxe? Man! If I ever go, send one of those with me in the afterlife!” Finally, the officer gave Jacob a final wave, tapped the side of his car, and went back to his own vehicle. Jacob on the other hand just sat, as he could finally exhale. He waited until the officer pulled from behind him before he moved his car. As he peered over, he noticed that right next to him in the passenger’s seat was the damn gum he’d been looking for so frantically the entire time.

  Finally arriving at his destination (mouth filled with gum), Jacob found himself nervous and distraught. He could care less about his awkward and sloppy appearance as he approached the front desk clerk. He wanted to know what was going on with him and he wanted to know now.

  “I’m here to see Dr. Kendal, my name is Jacob Parnell.”

  “So, the man of the hour is here!” replied the front desk clerk.

  “What?!” asked Jacob.

  But the desk clerk just shook his head and pointed to two double doors down a long hallway. It took Jacob a moment before he realized he was in a hotel. But all that mattered was the answers
that lay beyond those two doors and as he burst through he was barraged with, “SURPRISE!!!” Jacob stood motionless, he looked down at his watch and realized it was absent from his wrist. How…how could he have forgotten his own birthday? Everyone was there, and they all stood in silence staring at Jacob, startled by his appearance. Both his shoes were untied, his fabled watch was missing, and his hair was scattered about his head like a bad toupee. His shirt lay half-tucked and wrinkled, and he held his keys loosely in his hand as if he were about to drop them. The silence was deafening and seem to go on for an eternity when…

  “Alright you bunch of drunks he’s here so let’s get…it…on!” And with that the music began playing and everything somehow reverted to normal. Leave it to Stanley to make a situation either a lot worse or in this case a lot better. Jacob however still couldn’t fathom how he had forgotten. It all made sense though, the missed calls, the voicemail messages…

  “Wow man, what the fuck! Did you party without me last night or what?” Stan made his way over to Jacob and grabbed his arm leading him to a lounge chair.

  “Where’s Dr. Kendal?” quarried Jacob.

  “Gone to get the catering together, that’s the man’s ass you want to kick for this. I tried telling him this isn’t your forte, but you can’t tell doctors shit, you know that. So damn man, you look like crap and don’t smell far from the same. Drink this, it will even things out a bit.” Stanley handed Jacob a bottle of beer. Jacob looked up at Stan giving a half smirk, he didn’t want to argue, nor did he have the energy, so he opened the bottle and drank. “That’s it birthday boy now spill it, what the hell happened to you?”


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