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by Antonio D. Sommerio

  “Hey, excuse me sir?” yelled Jacob out his window. The man stuck his head out while slowly accelerating to keep up with the now crawling flow of traffic ahead.

  “Yeah, what’s up?” the man replied.

  “Any idea what’s going on up ahead? Accident maybe?” queried Jacob.

  “Naw man don’t you watch the news? They’re starting the road construction tonight.”

  “What…why now in the middle of the night for crying out loud?” Jacob’s voice had become quivering with frustration.

  “Well I’d rather in the middle of the night than in the morning during the rush while I’m trying to commute to work,” replied the driver. Makes sense, Jacob thought to himself, but he had to find a way around this. His exit lay just half mile ahead and at this rate he would be driving to a corpse if he didn’t do something. Jacob looked through his rearview mirror and could see the traffic behind him already following suit. “What would be the odds?” he whispered to himself now focusing on the shoulder of the road. He grabbed the stopwatch once more before making his decision and taking off full speed onto the shoulder lane. He could hear the quick and sharp snaps of the wind as he quickly passed the numerous vehicles on his passenger’s side. Now all he had to do was—Just then Jacob heard an all too familiar sound. “Shit!” he exclaimed, as that sound was accompanied by the even more familiar flashing lights. For a moment Jacob just kept driving in a panic, he didn’t know what to do. If he was pulled over it would probably mean Rebecca’s demise, but if he continued to flee the patrol car, the outcome would be the same in addition to landing him in jail. And with that Jacob found himself slowing down until he was once again at a complete stop.

  He sat helplessly as the state trooper got out of his car. The officer reached back in grabbing his hat in which he then proceeded to put on slowly (and dramatically) screwing it tightly to the front of his head in perfect position. The trooper then grabbed his flashlight from his belt and slowly approached Jacob’s vehicle. Jacob rolled down his window and looked up at the officer as he spoke.

  “I’m not gonna go through the obvious of why I pulled you over. But I will tell you, this type of behavior really pisses me off, so let’s just move to the part where you give me your license and proof of insurance.” The officer had a deep and thick southern accent. His shirt was professionally pressed, creases razor sharp. His cologne perfectly suited his appearance/mannerisms, old fashioned and straight to the point. Jacob could see his reflection in the officer’s glasses as he fumbled about his pockets looking for his wallet.

  “You’ve gotta be kidding me!” whispered Jacob aloud.

  “Excuse me?” questioned the officer.

  “You see officer, these aren’t my, uh normal pants and so I kind of left my wallet...” As Jacob continued explaining himself the officer turned on the flashlight and began looking at Jacob’s pants. But he didn’t stop there. He slowly scanned his way from tactical boots to Jacobs’s vest.

  “What in the Sam Hell?” continued the officer, “What bank you going to rob at this time of night Speedy?” Jacob said nothing. “Just give me your insurance card and I can look up your information from it.” Fortunately, Jacob knew exactly where that was and so he pulled down his visor and opened the vanity mirror, voila instant insurance card! The officer looked at the card and then looked at Jacob once more frowning before returning to his vehicle to verify the information. Jacob nervously ran his fingers through his hair exhaling deeply. He looked at the stopwatch and to his displeasure realized that Rebecca was now just 18 minutes away from death. What was worse is he knew the officer wasn’t just for giving a citation without a serious explanation why he was dressed like a special ops member in the late evening hours. He had to think of something. Jacob’s attention was drawn back to the officer whom now silently made his way back to his window.

  “Well so far you’re looking at; failing to produce a valid driver’s license, driving on the shoulder of an interstate highway...” the officer then moved a bit closer examining Jacob. “Also failing to wear a seatbelt, I hope you have a bond card son. Now let’s get to the part of why you’re dressed like a damned Navy Seal?” Jacob again said nothing; his thoughts had completely eluded him. It was over…failure just fourteen minutes away. “I’m trying to spare you the embarrassment of laying over the hood of this wonderful piece of automotive technology you have here Mr. Parnell. So, what is it you do, or are going to do? You have to be pretty well off to drive such a lovely vehicle, so what’s the hurry?” Jacob started shaking his head; he didn’t know which question to try and answer first. What was he to say without further condemning himself? But just then something came to mind. It was a complete long shot, but it was all he could come up with and so finally Jacob looked at the officer with the straightest face possible and replied, “I’m a Gumshoe!”

  “A what?” replied the officer now looking confused.

  “You know a P.I., a Dic.”

  “Dick?” questioned the officer now taking off his hat and scratching his head.

  “I’m a Private Detective. I was hired by a local ‘damsel in distress’. Seems her husband is doing what husbands do when they are the head of a major corporation and a new sizzling hot secretary is hired. I only had a small time frame before I could catch him in the act so I was in a bit of a rush.”

  “Do you have a badge or any other form of identification to back this?” questioned the officer.

  “I must apologize sir; you see that also was in the same wallet as my license.” Jacob’s voice was sound and sincere. The officer stood quiet a moment before making his final decision.

  “Do you have a firearm on you Mr. Parnell?”

  “No sir,” replied Jacob quickly.

  “What’s in the bag?” asked the officer softly. Jacob wasn’t sure if he should, but he unzipped the bag and showed the officer its contents. “Well I guess that’s what an investigator would need to spy for his client.” The officer now seemed convinced and then—Boom!

  The sound of a loud crash could be heard from behind Jacob and the officer, followed shortly by a symphony of horns coming from the same direction.

  “Dispatch to 442, come in,” Jacob could hear the officer’s radio clearly.

  “Go ahead with your traffic dispatch.”

  “There’s a 10-45 about a quarter mile west of you. Construction crew member is seriously injured can you investigate?”

  “10-4 dispatch I’m 76 to the location; make sure paramedics are in route,” replied the officer as he ran back to his car. The officer then sped off in reverse with lights flashing and sirens blaring.

  Jacob sat awestruck. After all that, the officer just left! He then looked at the stopwatch in horror to find he had a little over ten minutes. With that Jacob started his car and took off. He could see his exit now and all he had to do was make his way through the three lanes to his right to get off, and he did just that. Plenty of motorists exhibited their displeasure with horns going full throttle complimented by plenty of “sign language” as Jacob cut them off. But alas he had made it and now just a few blocks away his destination awaited.

  On approach, Jacob slowed down turning off his lights and parked in his usual place. All was eerily silent. He grabbed his binoculars and looked across the street at Rebecca’s house. Not one single light was on. There was no commotion, no disturbance of any sort. Jacob’s heart sank as he looked at the stopwatch, which had a lonely seven minutes remaining. He reached in his pocket and put on his wristwatch in hopes for another clue, but that had no effect on the situation either. Jacob began to come to a numbing realization. Although his timepiece could tell when Rebecca would come to her end, it hadn’t revealed as to the whereabouts or in what manner this would happen. How could he have overlooked such imperative information? Jacob was beginning to think the worst, had failure crept upon him once again just as with his beloved Theresa? But with six minute
s remaining, Rebecca’s car turned the corner nearing her home then slowly pulled into the driveway. The situation had now taken a turn in Jacob’s favor as the question of where had now been answered. This is it, Jacob thought to himself. He quietly crept out of his car as Rebecca approached her home unlocking the front door.

  She stepped into the living room and turned on the light. “Ahhh!” she screeched. “Jesus Nickolas you scared the shit out of me!” Nick sat on the sofa just staring at Rebecca, his eyes glassy and bloodshot red. He held a bottle of vodka in one hand while his other was behind his back.

  “Did I?” Nick replied, his speech terribly slurred.

  “What’s going on? Are you ok?”

  “Bitch, don’t give me that!” Nick’s voice had quickly grown angry; he spit as he spoke with tears streaming down his face. “Don’t act like you give a fuck, just tell me who it is already Rebecca, but don’t you patronize me you bitch, or I swear…”

  Rebecca knew where this was going and quickly turned to exit but Nick leaped from the sofa and slammed the door shut. Rebecca then proceeded to run into the kitchen. She didn’t know what to do but she knew she couldn’t deal with another night of this. It had to stop. She fumbled through her purse looking for her cell phone when Nickolas cornered her in the kitchen.

  “You calling the cops you cheating whore?! While you’re at it tell them how you go out at night and let some no nothing motherfucker stick his dick in you!” Nick then slapped the phone out of Rebecca’s hand and grabbed her by the back of her hair. Rebecca screamed in agony grabbing at Nick’s hands.

  “Please baby let me go; what’s wrong with you? Whatever it is I can fix it; just let me go.” Rebecca pleaded in a whispering and sobbing voice. Nick looked at Rebecca shaking his head and then pulled her close. Sticking out his tongue, he licked the tears off the side off Rebecca’s face. She could smell the alcohol on his breath as she shuddered terrified and held tightly in his grasp. “Baby I love you; I would never cheat on you. You told me it was ok to go out; I was just with some friends…baby I swear, just calm down for me.” At this point Rebecca took her hands from atop of Nick’s, and nervously began to rub his groin. Nick finally released Rebecca as she slowly went to her knees and unzipped his pants. “Mmmm.” Rebecca tried to sound as authentic as possible while pleasuring Nick. Nickolas closed his eyes as he enjoyed the wet and silky pleasures from his girlfriend. She then placed her hands on Nick’s waist as she grabbed him even closer forcing his penis further down her throat. Gently tracing his waist, Rebecca’s hands ran over something hard and cold. She peered off to the side trying not to disturb her psychotic boyfriend from his pleasured coma. What the fuck!? thought Rebecca. She could see that Nick had a small revolver in his waistband. Her heart began beating rapidly as she found herself losing her rhythm. Nick looked down at her as she shook furiously with tearing mascara-filled eyes.

  “What? You don’t even want to do it do you, you phony bitch? Let me guess his dick tastes better?” Nick then kicked Rebecca in her chest knocking her violently to the floor. “Pitiful, I should just hire a hooker, might find more loyalty there.” With that Nick spit on Rebecca as she gasped trying to regain her wind.

  Jacob witnessed the incident in horror as he could predict what was going to happen soon. He no longer needed his stopwatch, for the one about his wrist displayed Rebecca’s last two minutes, in the same haunting red as the man he’d saved before.

  Nick looked up in the air for a short while and whispered, “Dear God please forgive me!” Then it happened, he began to slowly reach toward his waist. Rebecca’s eyes widened. In a hundred years, she never thought it would happen this way. For months she had taken Nick’s abuse and now... Rebecca’s horror-filled face quickly switched to a scarlet and vicious frown. She then leaped with all her might at Nickolas screaming frantically. Nick lost his balance, dropping the revolver as he stumbled backward. Rebecca then clawed at Nick’s eyes relentlessly, digging her nails deep into his flesh. “Yahhhhheeeee!” He screamed in agony as his blood spilled covering is face.

  Outside, Jacob stood frozen, finding himself yet again unprepared. How was he to stop this without getting himself killed in the process? He didn’t have a gun, or any weapon for that matter. Wait, he could call the police. With that final thought, Jacob raced back to his car to get his cell phone.

  Inside the house, Nick wipes as much blood as he can from his eyes fishing for the gun and finally grabs it. He then points in Rebecca’s direction and fires blindly. Rebecca screams falling to the floor. Her leg is bleeding. She has been shot. Rebecca refuses to give up and begins to slowly drag herself toward the front door. “Help me please, somebody help me!”

  Jacob slips and falls, terrified as he hears a second shot fired. He gets to his feet and goes to dial the police when he notices his phone is dead! “Oh no, oh no please!” Jacob realized that not only had he not answered his phone in quite some time he’d neglected it altogether. He stuffed the phone back in his pocket while running back toward the house.

  The second shot has missed Rebecca as she gets to her feet and launches herself at the front door. Her ears ring as Nick fires a third shot that penetrates the door barely missing her head. She can see that Nick is bleeding badly, as he shouts in desperation slowly walking toward her. “Where are you, you bitch?” Jacob can see it will soon be over as her seconds relentlessly tick away. 10—Jacob looks around the lawn outside trying to find something to distract Nick. 9, 8, 7—Rebecca tries to cover her mouth and keep silent as Nick draws closer. 6, 5, 4—Jacob grabs a rock from the ground throwing it at the kitchen window. With a loud crash, the window shatters and Nick turns toward the disturbance firing wildly until the weapon is spent. Rebecca quickly grabs the door, unlocking it and falling down the stairs as she exits. Jacob runs to her aid startling her inadvertently.

  “Don’t touch me!” she screamed.

  “It’s alright I’m here to help. Please, I won’t hurt you.” Rebecca looks up at Jacob and nods. He quickly grabs her throwing her over his shoulder and begins making his way back to the car. Suddenly, footsteps can be heard behind him as Nickolas leaps knocking everyone including himself to the ground.

  “Run Rebecca! Get to the car.” Jacob yells pointing across the street. By this time Nick is grabbing Jacob’s leg trying to pull him back to the ground.

  “So, it’s you! You son of a bitch, you’re dead,” threatens Nick as he begins to drag Jacob.

  “Enough you twisted fuck!” yelled Jacob as he kicked Nickolas freeing himself. In no time Jacob had regained his footing and got over to the car with Rebecca. Nick got up as well and began running toward the vehicle as Jacob pulled off nearly sideswiping the man.

  He had done it! Rebecca’s numbers were now restored and plentiful. Blue had never looked so good to Jacob. The young woman sat still with her eyes partially open.

  “Oh no, I have to get you to a hospital.” Jacob said consolingly looking at her leg.

  “Take me to the hospital in Hazelcrest.”


  “Just do it please,” interrupted Rebecca. Jacob didn’t understand. Why did she want to go across town when there was a hospital just two miles from where she lived? “I will be fine. I have at least another half hour before I go into shock. You’re a good driver, right? You can get me there.” Rebecca mumbled.

  “Yeah, I’ll get you there,” replied Jacob. Rebecca smiled momentarily then turned away. Jacob had so many questions he wanted to ask her. Even battered and bruised she still exhibited exhilarating beauty. But now was not the time and so as fast, but careful as he could, Jacob made his way to Hazelcrest Hospital.

  As he pulled up a winding ramp, displaying arrows to the Emergency Room entrance, Rebecca began to look troubled. It was as if the reality of what happened was finally setting in. She began to cry with both hands hiding her face. “Are you going to be ok?” asked Jacob. Rebecca nodded hands stil
l covering her face. The two giant sliding doors opened as they approached the entrance of the E.R. A small young lady with a wheelchair approached the car and opened the door.

  “Becky!?” she cried, “Oh my god, is that you?”

  Rebecca nodded. “Call Sarah and get a team down here, I’ve been shot.”

  The young lady then darted back through the double doors and picked up a red phone that hung along the wall. Seconds later a team of nurses both male and female helped Rebecca out of the car and everyone disappeared wheeling her down the hall. No one said a word to Jacob until the small lady from before returned. “She told me to thank you for saving her life. For some reason she also asked that you not call the police. She said she’d take care of it personally.” Jacob didn’t understand but nodded in agreement. The young medical aid walked away but turned around once more, right before she made it through the door. “Between you and me, I wish you would’ve fucking killed him.” With that she gave a huge smile and waved before running back through the door in the direction as the others. Well whoever they all were, some if not all of them, seemed to know of her and her issues regarding Nickolas as well. And Jacob thought he had questions before? Now he was overwhelmed, but it would all have to wait. At least Rebecca didn’t question him and never mentioned whether or not she’d recognized him. He wanted so badly to go inside but something was telling him to back off. So deciding to let his conscience take precedence, a victorious Jacob Parnell drove home.


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