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Consume Me (Devoured Club Series) Page 2

by Matthews, Paige

  I continued reading over the survey. What is your ultimate fantasy? Explain your desires? What is most attractive to you as you enter into this lifestyle? What are you looking for in a Dom/play partner?

  These were all questions that I’d had a feeling I would be asked. I didn’t know if I could explain my desires. My entire sexual experiences had always left me feeling unfulfilled and wanting more. Because of the one serious relationship I had in college, I had sworn off all intimate relationships. They weren’t worth the hassle. Most nights it was just me and my battery operated boyfriend, and that was only if I was out of the bakery at a decent hour.

  I continued through the packet until I reached the last page, titled “Rules of Training.” Great, this must be the page Marcus referred to. Okay, number one is….

  All trainees must be completely bare within the pubic area. Shaved or waxed, although the smoother the better.

  HOLY SHIT! I’d been one to keep that spot trimmed and tight, but to completely shave or wax it....what the hell? Okay, I thought to myself as I took another breath. I guess I’ll schedule a waxing.

  All trainees will refer to the training Dom as Sir or Master Marcus. Devoured’s Master Dominants will be referred to as Master or Mistress and their respective names. All other Dominants will be referred to as Sir or Ma’am.

  While in the club and during training sessions, trainees will either be naked, or wear what is instructed by the training Dom.

  Trainees will report to training sessions and individual sessions as deemed necessary.

  Trainees are expected to follow club protocol and rules (these will be discussed during the first session).

  Submissive training will be at the discretion of the training Dom, and in accordance with the survey.

  Safety is the primary concern of all parties involved. Devoured is a Safe, Sane and Consensual establishment.

  WOW! My hands were trembling as I thought about being completely naked in front of Marcus and other men that I didn’t even know, but wasn’t that part of the allure? Part of me wanted no part of leading any sexual experience. I wanted to be completely submissive, and not have to worry about being pleased. Putting the questionnaire away, I walked into my bedroom, hoping that some sleep might give me a new perspective on the situation.

  Chapter 3-Marcus

  It had only been a couple of days since the interview with Emma, and my mind had not been able to focus on anything else. I just couldn’t get her out of my thoughts. I had interviewed a few more potential subs, including a young college male who Lucas had insisted we bring into the training program. It wasn’t that I had any reservations about the boy; I just didn’t want to have too many new recruits in the program. I wanted to make sure that I could spend enough time training each of them. I decided to organize one group session on the weekend nights, and then individual sessions based upon each trainee’s schedule.

  I had been working on some paperwork in the office when Lucas and Chloe came in.

  “Good afternoon, Master Marcus.” I heard Chloe’s soft feminine voice as I looked up from the desk.

  “Good afternoon, love.” Chloe took a seat on the leather sofa that was directly across from my desk. “You look lovely today. How are you holding up?”

  “I’m hanging in there. Between teaching, the trial and Lucas, I’m quite tired,” she responded, shifting on the couch so that she was able to face both of us. Lucas had quickly changed and sat down at his desk.

  I laughed and looked towards Lucas. “Yeah, Lucas can be quite demanding.”

  Lucas shot me a look that would have killed a fly. “Let’s not swap battle stories there Marcus. How is everything going?”

  I sat back in my chair and turned to face him. “Everything is good. We have the first training session this Saturday night; and I have added two more trainees to the program. We are currently sitting at five. I believe that is enough for now.”

  Lucas nodded in agreement. “Five is a decent number for you to handle. Let Devlin or Drew know if you need any help.”

  “Of course, boss.” I turned back towards Chloe. She was now lying on the couch with her eyes closed. She looked exhausted, but seemed to be doing better these days. The past three months had taken their toll on her. After losing the baby roughly four months ago, Chloe had been dealing with recovery, teaching and now, a trial. It had only been seven weeks since Devlin and I had been able to grab the footage from the parking garage, and nail that bastard of an ex-boyfriend for what he had done to her; after we had had some fun with him first. Lucas insisted that Chloe press charges months earlier, and make the asshole pay for what he had done to her and the baby, but she felt there was no concrete evidence. The trial was definitely taking a lot out of her.

  The trial had begun only about a week or so ago; a quick turn-around for the legal system. And being that Sean, Chloe’s ex, was the son of a Massachusetts District Attorney, and Lucas was well, Lucas Walker-BDSM club owner, the trial was interesting to the masses.

  I was glad to see Chloe happy again. She and Lucas were still working on her trust issues, but she’d been hanging around the club more often, and was becoming a mentor to the new subs. She’d also been blossoming in her own journey – impact play and rope bondage had become some of her favorites. I still enjoyed helping Lucas out with her rope sessions now and then.

  I turned to talk to Lucas. He was sitting at his desk, dressed in his usual black leathers and black t-shirt. It was what most of the Masters wore while in the club, along with their armbands that signified their status as experienced Doms.

  “Who’s covering the floor tonight?” I asked him, before turning back to the paperwork I was working on.

  “Drew, Bryan, Cole and Dominic are on for the night. Devlin and Mac have security, and Seth is bartending.” His voice was curt, as it usually was when he was at the club.

  “Good. I just finished looking over the paperwork for the new trainees. I’m going to head out now,” I responded while gathering the paperwork into a pile and placing it into a bin on the edge of my desk.

  “Have a good night, man. Any plans?” Lucas said as he looked up from the desk.

  “Nah! Just going to head home, grab some food later tonight.” I walked over to the couch where Chloe was laying down. She had opened her eyes and was looking up at me. The hazel color of her eyes struck my heart. They were still filled with pain and hurt, and I felt protective toward her, like a sister more than a sub.

  Bending down, I placed a kiss on her forehead, knowing Lucas wouldn’t have an issue with that. The closer you were to Lucas, the more you felt like family instead of friends. And Lucas had been my family as long as I could remember. “Good bye love, have a good night.”

  “Good night, sir. You, too.” She returned the kiss with a quick hug and lay back down. I looked at Lucas. “Be easy on her. She seems exhausted.”

  Lucas’s eyes met mine in a quick motion and gave me a look; one that, after years of knowing him, warned me not to continue. “Don’t worry about her. I always have her best interests and health in mind.”

  “I know you do, Lucas, but we all worry about her.” I moved toward the door and he looked at me.

  “I know you do. I’m sorry.” Lucas nodded his apology, and I nodded back.

  “No big deal, my friend. Have a good night.”

  “Marcus?” The question in Lucas’s voice caused me to stop.


  “Caleb will be here this week. Thought you would like to know.” Lucas was looking at me for my reaction. I hadn’t seen Caleb in about two years, after he and I had engaged in a heated fight. Last I heard, he had gotten married and was doing well.

  “Really? A visit or longer?” I replied with curiosity.

  “A vacation, so he stated. Getting a divorce and needed some time away. I invited him to the club to hang out.”

  “Divorce? Well, at least the gold digging bitch is gone. Can’t wait to see him and catch up. Thanks for letting me know.

  “No problem. Have a good night.”

  “You too, Luc.”

  I quickly changed into jeans and left the club through the employee entrance at the back, and headed to my SUV. I began to drive, heading in the vicinity of my condo, but, for some reason, I couldn’t stop thinking about Emma. The girl had gotten under my skin already, and though I hardly knew her, a part of me was wondering what she was doing or if she was at work.

  I took a left off the exit from the highway and made my way towards Quincy Market. If anything, I could walk by her storefront and peak in. For a controlled Dom, this girl had me all fucked up and turned on. Training her might be an issue, but I knew I wasn’t going to let anyone else train her.

  I pulled into a commuter parking garage not too far from the market. I figured I would grab dinner while I was there. There was a great Mexican joint about a block from the market. Walking towards the main concourse, I stopped to look at the directory of shops, trying to locate her store. Fuck, I didn’t even know what her bakery was called. I scanned the list of shops and dining and came across three bakery type stores; Malorie’s, The Sweet Spot and Elaine’s Bread. Well, I don’t think she makes bread. The other two were in the same concourse, but at opposite ends. I vaguely remembered her background check mentioning her name as Emma Malorie O’Conner, so I decided to check that one out first, and headed to the opposite end of the market.

  The store front was nice, with large picture windows that showcased the interior, which was decorated in a shabby chic theme. One wall was made up of built-in bookcases that held some of her items that did not need refrigeration. Small round white tables lined the floor immediately in front of the bookcases and the front left window.

  To the right side of the shop, the walls were decorated in a teal colored barn board, and had nostalgic photos of bakery items hung from them. The counter space led into four refrigerated coolers that held pies, cupcakes and other baked goods.

  Behind the counter was a galley window that opened into the kitchen. I paused outside the door, knowing I wasn’t going to go in. I was just hoping to catch a glimpse of her. I saw a short woman with blonde hair working the front counter assisting customers, and, as I peeked into the galley window, I saw Emma.

  She was wearing jeans that hugged her ass, leaving nothing to the imagination. She had on a gray t-shirt and a large apron. Her hair was tied up into a ponytail, and she had flour on her face. The girl looked amazing, even covered in flour. My mind strayed, imagining fucking her on the stainless steel counter she was currently mixing something on. I would have to make it a point to fuck her on that counter. Jesus, what the fuck was wrong with me? I never let a woman or sub get to me like she’s getting to me. Fuck it. I’m not a pussy. I needed to train her. She was my responsibility, not my personal play toy, even if my dick didn’t agree. Yet, the thought of making her mine had crossed my mind a few times since meeting her. I still couldn’t pinpoint the why of it, but it was there, the chemistry. Something I hadn’t felt in a long time.

  I turned away from the bakery and headed to the Mexican restaurant to grab my dinner. I needed to go home and try to not think about Emma. It didn’t matter that my emotions were fucking with my mind. I needed to make sure that I didn’t cross that line. She was a trainee, and I was her training Dom. That was it.

  Chapter 4- Emma

  Saturday had come quicker than I’d hoped for. Today was the first day of the training sessions at Devoured. I had been anticipating tonight all week long, but my stomach was nauseous and weary. I didn’t know if I could go through with it, even if it was what I wanted – or at least what I thought I wanted. Even though I had said I was a complete newbie at the submissive thing, I wasn’t. I’d researched and dabbled a few times while I was in college, although I’d never found the right partner. I’d ended up suppressing my desires and stayed vanilla, and where had that landed me? Crap ass relationships where I was left unsatisfied!

  My nerves were on edge as I thought about seeing Master Marcus again. The man had my hormones in overdrive and I barely knew him. Barely! Hell! I didn’t know him at all, but he was extremely gorgeous. He had been in the forefront of my fantasies this past week. I’d felt the chemistry that had flowed between us the other day. He didn’t even have to touch me, and I had already known he’d be my undoing. I took a breath. I needed to keep my emotions in control; he was the training Dom, not my personal Dom.

  “Alright, I’m leaving. Are you sure that you guys have the shop tonight?” I asked, directing the question to Nikki and Ally.

  “Yeah, I’m pretty sure we can handle selling a few cupcakes here and there,” Nikki responded to me, rolling her eyes. I knew the shop would be fine, but I wouldn’t be me if I hadn’t voiced my concern.

  Ally came around the corner from the front. “Where are you going tonight anyway?”

  “I have a meeting to attend to. It’s none of your business.” I was curt and she didn’t deserve the response I gave her, but she had taken me by surprise.

  “You don’t have to be such a bitch, Em. It’s just different seeing you have a life outside of here. Sorry if we’re a bit curious,” Ally snapped back.

  “You’re right. I’m sorry. I’ll tell you more about it when I know if I am going to continue or not. Tonight is the first meeting. Let me see if I like it. Deal?”

  “Yeah, that’ll do.” Ally walked up to me and hugged me. “Have a good night, whatever it is you are doing.”

  “You too, Ally.” I turned to Nikki. “Make sure you prep the frosting for tomorrow. I should be in early enough to get a jump start on the order.”

  “Yep. Have fun. We have it covered.”

  “Okay. See you two later.” I left the shop and looked at my watch. I only had about an hour and half to get ready and get to the club. The nerves were really starting to set in.

  An hour later I was showered and dressed. I made sure my girly area was nice and fresh, even moisturized. Yeah, I know…moisturized? The damn thing was waxed the other day and I wanted to make sure it was smooth, just in case. I didn’t really know what to wear, or what was expected besides the small information pack that Marcus had sent me home with.

  I was wearing a short black mini skirt, three inch high heels with a rhinestone embellishment, and a dark purple corset that laced up the front. No underwear and no bra, as outlined in the “rules”. I had placed the front of my hair up but kept the back down to cover me a little, even though I had a feeling that I wouldn’t be doing much hiding.

  Before I lost all my nerve, I grabbed my keys, small purse and the questionnaire. I glanced at the front page, and narrowed into the one question that I had answered briefly, What is your ultimate fantasy or desire? The answer was short and brief. No control, I don’t want to think. I know that wasn’t a real answer and I would have to explain it, but it was what it was. I didn’t want to have control, or a need to be the alpha during a sexual experience. I’d spent too many years being the one that was left unsatisfied, the one that felt like a robotic blowjob giver. Even when I had one night stands, I still found myself dictating the course of sex, and it was never fulfilling. I yearned for more.


  I arrived at Devoured about ten minutes early. Good. I had time to put my stuff away and attempt to calm down. My hands were beginning to sweat, getting clammy as I walked into the front entrance.

  It was only seven, but there was some action going on. The club was darker than the other day when I was here, and the sound system was piping music throughout the floor. I was greeted by a young hot-looking guy at the door. He was wearing black cargo pants, a black tight tee shirt, and had a radio attached to his ear. His hair was short, military like, and I could see a tattoo on his forearm. His blue eyes accented against his brown hair and he towered over me by almost a foot.

  “Can I help you, miss?” The accent coming out of his mouth only made him hotter. I lost my train of thought for a minute. “Miss?”

  “I’m sorry.
Yes, um…I am looking for Master Marcus? I am supposed to start the new program tonight.”

  My voice was shaky as I answered him.

  “Your name?”

  “Emma. Emma O’Conner.”

  He looked at the clipboard in his hands and then back up at me and smiled. “Yes, Ms. O’Conner. You will want to place your stuff in the locker room towards your left, and then meet the rest of the subs in the roped off area at the back of the dungeon floor. Make sure you are kneeling,” he said with a wink.

  “Um, okay. Do you know what locker I have or do I just pick one?” I really didn’t know what the hell I was supposed to be doing.

  “You have been assigned a locker and you can find the number when you look at the list in the locker room. Have a good night.” His tone was brief and dismissing. Apparently I asked too many questions.

  I nodded and headed towards the locker rooms to secure my belongings and splash some water on my face. You can do this Emma. It is what you want.

  Chapter 5- Marcus

  “You have everything you need?” Lucas asked from his desk, as I finished changing in the bathroom that was adjacent to our office.

  “Yes. All the training collars and cuffs are set, and I have Devlin and Sarah helping out tonight, as we have more experienced subs and a male. This way I can focus on the virgins, so to say. Caleb should be stopping by. I added him to the VIP list.”


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