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Consume Me (Devoured Club Series) Page 4

by Matthews, Paige

  “So you might fuck her after her training?” The chuckle slipped from his mouth. I ignored him, placed my glass on the table, and motioned for Callie to pick it up. Her eyes lit up as she made her way towards Caleb and me.

  “Yes, sir?” Her voice seductive in its own way. Callie and I had history. Lucas had trained her for a while when we first opened the club, and she helped me with demonstrations. I would scene with her on occasion.

  “Please clear away our drinks, and Callie?” I waited for her to look at me again.

  “Yes, sir?” her voice full of hesitation, her eyes drifted to mine and then back to the floor in front of my feet. She knew that I’d seen her little altercation with Emma.

  “You will not treat the new subs ever again, like you did before. Is that understood?” I stared at her, waiting for her eyes to make contact.


  “Yes what, Callie?”

  “Yes, sir.” Her eyes finally made contact with mine.

  “Good girl. Just remember, you were new once.” She nodded in understanding, then grabbed my glass and Caleb’s beer bottle and headed to the bar.

  Caleb snickered. “Well, well, well. You are still the lady’s man.” A thin smile graced his face.

  “Fuck you,” I retorted. I glanced behind me to see Emma still waiting. “I think I’ve kept her waiting long enough.”

  “I agree. Make her reward extra special. She did a great job.” Caleb nodded and shifted in his seat. He was hard again just at the mention of the blow job. Hell, I was hard again just thinking about it!

  “Will do. Lucas should be in the office if you want to catch up. Otherwise, you have my spare key, and I’ll see you at the apartment later on?” I let bygones be bygones. Caleb was an old friend and he was still family, no matter what our history. I was happy to see how successful he and Gabriel had become with the band, even if he was still battling his demons.

  Caleb nodded again and I made my way to my waiting sub.


  I ran my eyes up and down her body as I made my way over to her. She had an amazing body. Emma wasn’t exactly model thin, but that was part of what made her special. Although her body had curves in all the right places, she was still shy about herself. I watched as she kept glancing around the floor, watching the different scenes taking place. I noticed how her body responded to the occasional screams and moans within her area. Her nipples were still erect, and she shifted uncomfortably where she stood. She ached with need and desire.

  “Emma.” My voice was curt and demanding.

  Her glance moved to me, “Master Marcus?” She questioned with uncertainty as her body straightened in anticipation.

  I walked around her until her back was flush against my chest and my erection was situated within the split of her ass. Her body pushed into mine as I wrapped my hand around her waist and drew her closer to me. Jesus I wanted to be buried deep within her.

  I whispered into her ear. “You are a quick learner, my pet. I think we should reward you for your performance tonight. What do you say?” She shuddered as I moved my hand up and down her abdomen grazing her with the tips of my fingers.

  “I would like that, sir.” Her head tilted back and rested on my shoulder as I moved my hand over her hip and back up to her stomach.

  “Good girl. I was going to keep you on the floor, but I think I am going to take you up to my room. How do blindfolds and restraints sound?” I drew my other hand up to her neck and moved her hair out of the way as I placed a kiss on her neck just below her ear.

  “Sounds wonderful, sir.” Her breathing was quick and shallow. I knew if I slid my fingers into her she would be soaking wet. This girl responded to my every word, every touch. She would be fun.

  “Good, let’s go upstairs.”

  I motioned to the front of the dungeon floor and Emma started ahead of me. Normally, I would make the sub follow behind, but she was different, and I felt different when I was with her. The feelings were becoming problematic. I’d never been drawn to a sub this much before, and I needed to make sure that I kept my hormones in check. I was to train her, and only train her. As much as I wanted too, sex was off the table, at least for now. What I wouldn’t do to take her ass.

  “You got it bad for her.” Caleb’s voice jarred me out of my thoughts.

  “You have no clue what the fuck you are talking about. She’s a trainee, nothing more.”

  A thin smile crept over his lips. “Sure, man, whatever you say. I’ll see you at the apartment later.” I nodded and headed over to meet up with Emma, who had stopped, and was waiting by the stairs that led to the lounge and bar areas.

  I placed my arm around her waist as I stepped up to her. “Let’s go.” She nodded, but kept her head down, watching the floor as I guided her to the stairs that led to the private rooms, where I motioned for her to go ahead of me. I wanted to watch her as she walked up the stairs. This girl was definitely fucking with my head. All I could imagine was how bad I wanted to take her. Maybe, one day.

  “Walk to the second to last door on the left, face the door and wait until I return.” I gave the command and watched as a shiver ran over her body.

  “Yes, sir.”

  Her submissiveness came natural to her, and there was a gnawing feeling in the back of my mind that she might not be so new to this, but I wasn’t going to question it at that moment. There were plenty of new subs that were just naturally submissive and easy to train. Some people are submissive, some more dominant.

  I headed into Lucas’s room to gather the silk restraints that I wanted to use. My room was full of cuffs, rope and chains. Lucas was the more sensual one. I shut the door and watched Emma. She was standing as I had told her to. Her body faced the door and her head was bowed to the floor. She kept shifting her weight back and forth and hunching her shoulders, but her eyes never wavered from the spot she was staring at.

  Walking up behind her, I wrapped my arm around her waist, pulled her to me again and opened the door. I could feel her anticipation, the coolness that fell onto her skin. I moved her into the center of the room and placed the restraints on the bed.

  My room was as simple as they came. To one side was a four poster bed, outfitted with different apparatus to restrain with cuffs, rope, chains and even the silk restraints I planned to use tonight. The bed was covered in red silk sheets.

  On the wall opposite the bed was a padded St. Andrew’s cross, a leather spanking bench and a sawhorse. The ceiling was outfitted with a grid that allowed me to move chains and O rings around to facilitate rope bondage and other forms of restraints. The armoire-like cabinet that held all of my toys, lube and everything that I needed, was placed on the adjacent wall to the bed. The bathroom was at the back of the room. We had built bathrooms into the private dungeons of five rooms, including mine and Lucas’s. All of the other rooms had vanities and sinks for members to use to clean up.

  “Emma, look at me,” I said as I turned her around to face me.

  “Yes, sir?” she questioned. I rubbed my fingers over her cheeks, up and down her neck. My eyes wandered the length of her body.

  “Chose your safe word. You can choose one or you can use the club’s yellow and red system. It’s your choice.” I moved my hands to the base of her neck and quickly turned her around so that her back was against my chest again. Making her acknowledge a safe word and the use of it, reiterated the fact that she held power; the power to stop the scene if need be. Even if I already knew a sub’s safe word, I always made them say it aloud before any scene.

  A quiet moan escaped as I gently kissed the top of her shoulder. “Emma, I gave a command. I demand a response.”

  I continued to kiss her shoulders and run my hands down over her arms, trailing my fingers on the outside of her breasts. I couldn’t wait to taste her. She moaned again, and her body relaxed against mine. “I’m waiting, and I don’t like to wait. Safe word, now!”

  “Cupcake.” The response was subtle and her voice barely over a

  “Good. Now let’s get you undressed.”

  My hands moved to the bottom of the corset she was wearing. The fucking thing laced up the front, and left little to the imagination; you could see the outline of her breasts through the laces and the cleavage the tightness afforded. My heart rate quickened and my dick pressed into the front of my leathers, as I made my way up to the top of the corset, rubbing my fingers on the edge, teasing her. Untying the laces, I loosened the corset enough to slide it up and over her head. I tossed it to the chair that was in the corner of the room, and moved my hands to her breasts, taking each one in my palms.

  Jesus Christ, her breasts fitted nicely into my hands, filling them but not too much. “I have been waiting all night to touch these.”

  I walked around so that I was in front of her and lowered my head, lifting a breast to my mouth. Licking her nipple, I moved my tongue around the erect flesh, teasing it before sucking it in. Gently biting her nipple, I removed it from my mouth and paid the same attention to her other breast.

  Emma gasped as I bit a little harder on the second nipple than I had on the first, “Sir…”

  God, the way the words rolled off her tongue, full of anticipation and need. “Yes, subbie? Enjoy that did you?” I sounded like Yoda.

  “Yes, sir.” Her head was tilted back and her eyes were shut. Too quick, too responsive, but fuck did I like it. She was slipping into subspace quickly; a place where the body took them to let go, where everything was free.

  “Let’s get you on the bed.”

  Chapter 8-Emma

  Marcus placed me in the middle of the king sized bed. He moved back and swept his eyes up and down my body. My skin felt like it was on fire, every nerve ending was alert and ready for his touch. I watched him as he shut his eyes and try to regain control.

  “Sir?” I asked with anticipation. I was hoping that he would continue. I was as wet as a cat in the rain but happier than one. I wanted him bad. Part of me knew that I shouldn’t let myself get too close – that had ended badly once before – but there was something about him that drew me right into the line of fire.

  “Emma, you don’t know what you do to me.” His voice was rough and his body was stiff. He got off the bed and walked over to the armoire on the other side of the room. When he turned around, I saw that he had a blindfold with him.

  My pussy clenched in excitement. I enjoy being blindfolded, and the idea of my other senses being heightened made my orgasms that much stronger, well, at least the couple of times that I had agreed to it. I watched as Marcus walked back over to the side of the bed.

  “I’m going to blindfold you, okay?”

  “Yes, sir.” I nodded and sat up so that he could easily secure it around my eyes.

  His hands brushed my hair out of my face and tied the material tightly so that it would not fall down. His fingers lightly grazed down the sides of my neck and over my shoulders before caressing the base of my neck and the tops of my breasts. A shiver ran through me under his light and seductive touch. It was enough to tease my skin but not hard enough to fully acknowledge the motion.

  “You are so beautiful.” His voice was ragged as he lowered me onto my back and pulled my left arm up above my head. I felt the bed shift as he moved to get the restraints. Another shiver ran down my body right to my pussy as Marcus’s hand moved up my arm, grabbing my wrist to secure the fabric around it.

  He tied the free end to the bed post and brought his hand back down my arm, causing my sex to quiver again. The anticipation of his touch, of my reward, was having an effect on me.

  I heard him walk over to the other side of the bed, and he repeated the same process with my free arm. Slowly running his hand up, grabbing my wrist, tying the restraint and securing it to the bed post. I now lay there, blindfolded and arms restrained. All I could hear was my breathing. Quick, anticipatory breaths, as I waited to hear him move, or feel his hands on me. I let out a moan just thinking about his mouth covering my nipples again.

  “Something excite you, love?” Marcus’s voice questioned from the opposite side of the room. I hadn’t heard him make his way over there.

  “Just the thought of your mouth on my body again, sir.”

  I knew it was better to be honest with a Dom than try and hide what was going on in my head.

  Hearing Marcus shift in the chair, I knew he had been sitting there watching me, building the tension in my body. I heard him get up and start walking toward the bed.

  “So you want my mouth? On your body?”

  “You know I do.” I was getting frustrated. I just wanted him to touch me. My body burned for any touch, any contact with him, and my feelings were alarming me. I hadn’t let myself want someone so bad in a long time. It was always about protecting myself and my work; now my feelings threatened to destroy it. Fuck me!

  A noise off to the side of the bed brought me back to the room. I could smell his cologne. It was a mix of musk with a hint of floral undertones, reminding me of Aqua di Gio by Armani. It definitely fit him. Strong, controlled, but a sensitive side underneath.

  “Emma?” His voice questioned me.


  “I think I am going to restrain your legs as well.” A shock went through me and right to my center. Completely restrained. The idea thrilled me, and was something I had wanted to try.

  “Please sir, I would like that.”

  I felt his hands run up the length of my legs stopping at the hem of my skirt, adding to the building need. He ran his fingers underneath the hem and pulled the skirt down my legs. “We can’t have this in the way.”

  My thighs clenched together, attempting to sate the need. His hands quickly opened my legs drawing one to the side of the bed. I felt a plush lined cuff circle my ankle.

  “Cuffs, sir?”

  “Yes, love. I like the use of them better when I restrain legs. Is that a problem? You know your safe word.” He paused at what he was doing.

  “No, no problem, sir.”

  “Good.” He cuffed my other leg, then secured them to the bed, leaving me completely open and exposed to his eyes.

  I felt the bed dip between my legs as he positioned himself between them. Music started to come through the speakers in the corners of the room. I had briefly noticed them earlier. He must have remotely turned it on. Rock. The choice of music didn’t surprise me as “Control” by Puddle of Mudd started to play. I laughed to myself.

  Marcus moved his hands back up my thighs stopping just below my sex. I felt his lips graze over my legs as he placed light kisses on the inner side of my thighs. My back arched as the feeling of his mouth, inches from the area I wanted it, was too much to take. “Ah...” the moan slipped out.

  “What is this?” he asked as he flicked the piercing nestled above my clit back and forth, hitting the already sensitive bundle.

  “A piercing,” I responded as he continued to play with it.

  “I like it,” he said and continued his mouth up over my hips to my stomach, pausing as he ran his fingers over the tattoo at the top of my pubic bone. “What does this say?”

  “It’s French for ‘Love me for who I am’.”

  “You will tell me about that one day; right now I believe I have some nipples to suck.” His mouth continued north, his nose teasing the bottom of my breast, sending more pulses to my already dripping cunt. I could feel the liquid running down the inside of my thighs.

  “Please, sir. I need you to touch me.” My voice pleaded.

  “Subbie, you will learn quickly not to top me,” he laid a quick smack on the side of my ass as his teeth bit down on one of my erect nipples.

  “Sir…” the sting radiated through my ass and in to my sex. I was not big on spankings, but that turned me on. The initial sting was there, but the radiating heat intensified my already hot core.

  “Feel good?” he asked as he took the other nipple into his mouth, lightly landing another smack across the side of my other ass cheek.

s, sir. Need. More. Please.” Each word escaped my mouth between bated breaths. The spankings furthered my desire, and I felt myself slipping faster into a place I had only been once before.

  Marcus’s fingers glided south toward my labia, and then he rested them on top of my outer lips, lightly rubbing up and down on the outside. My body shifted, trying to get his fingers to breach the closure and touch me where I wanted. The bed moved again as Marcus leaned over to get something, trailing his fingers over my thigh as he made his way back up to my pussy.

  “Hold still, we are going to have some fun. But first….” His voice trailed off as his tongue licked my cleft, ending on my clit.

  “Damn, you’re wet, and you taste so fucking sweet.” Another quick lick and Marcus was sucking at the hard bud, pulling it between his teeth, applying light pressure, sending pulses throughout my body.

  “MARCUS…” his name slipped out of my mouth, laced with need, desire and every emotion that was swirling through my mind.

  “What did you say?” he asked.

  “Sir. Sorry.” I couldn’t think as his hand came down on my ass again.

  “You will refer to me as ‘sir’.” I was panting with arousal and need.

  “Yes, sir.” Another moaned escaped my lips.

  “Like that, eh? How about some more fun?”

  His mouth retreated back to my nipples, encircling one. His fingers pinched and twisted the other, increasing the wetness that was pooling around my opening, and his free hand traveled back to my core and spread my labia open. Slipping a finger into me caused my body to arch off the bed, attempting to take him deeper. He moved his finger in and out, adding a second finger as he stimulated my g-spot. His thumb ran over my clit, sending more spasms into my body. The combination of his fingers and thumb had me on the edge, as my cunt tightened around his fingers, every muscle in my body contracting.

  “Sir…I am not going to last. I want to come, please.” I was ready to come; another few finger thrusts and I would be gone.


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