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Consume Me (Devoured Club Series) Page 9

by Matthews, Paige

  “Hey, Emma,” a voice I slightly recognized said as I strolled into the smaller lounge. I turned and saw Chloe talking with Sam the bartender about something.

  “Good evening, Chloe. How are you doing?” I replied back, being polite. I didn’t really mind her as much as I minded some of the other members. She had always gone out of her way to be kind to me when I did see her.

  “I’m good. Can’t really complain much. I wanted to apologize to you.”

  “Really, why?” She hadn’t done anything to warrant an apology that I knew of.

  She walked over to me so that she was standing less than a foot away. Leaning closer to me, she whispered. “I put you on the spot last week about Marcus.”

  I wasn’t expecting that. “Oh! No worries, really. I don’t rattle that easily.” I shrugged my shoulders in an attempt to look like it hadn’t bothered me. “How did you like your cake design?” I asked, changing the subject.

  “It is amazing. I can’t thank you enough. The cake will be perfect.”

  “I’m glad you liked it, but if you could excuse me, I don’t want to upset Marc…I mean, Master Marcus, by not being ready when he comes in.” I nodded toward where the other subs were kneeling.

  “Of course. I’m sorry. We should get lunch or coffee soon.” She smiled and waited for a reply.

  “Um, sure. Sounds good. You know where to find me,” I said a bit hesitantly. Did I want to become friends with her? Was there really any reason not to?

  “Great! I’ll call you this week,” she said as she hugged me and headed out of the bar area. The other girls in the training program with me looked at each other, and then back at me, puzzled.

  I took a seat at a small table next to the bar. There was something about the other girls that I didn’t particularly like. They were pretty, attractive, and had decent figures, but their personalities weren’t to be trusted. They snickered among themselves most nights, and it didn’t really bother me as they were assigned mostly to Master Devlin, and I didn’t have to deal with them.

  I sat and waited for Marcus to explain what we were doing tonight. I was surprised by the fact that we hadn’t done too much in the way of any actual scenes; well, I hadn’t except the couple that I did with him and Caleb. The other subs in the program had had chances to scene with other Doms or couples, yet I hadn’t. I made a mental note to ask him the next time I had a chance.

  Good evening, subs. Please get into presentation position,” his voice dominated as he walked into the lounge carrying what looked like a bucket. We all scurried into position on the opposite side of the bar. Kneeling on the carpet, back arched, palms face down on the top of our thighs, and heads bowed, our legs slightly spread to allow access, had he wanted to check out rule number one.

  I stole a quick glance at him, hoping he didn’t see. I surely would be punished for it. Marcus was dressed in a snug pair of leather pants that hung just over his hip line. They were paired with his signature tight fitting, show every muscle in his chest, black tee shirt. He had his arm band on his right bicep, and I could see the tattoos on his left arm. I don’t think my reaction will ever change when I see his arms. My pussy grew instantly wet at the sight. He had his black leather cuffs on around his wrists, a symbol that he was in the lifestyle. I had seen these cuffs before, he wore them some nights. They were not restraint cuffs. They resembled more of a gothic, bad-boy biker persona than a submissive.

  “Alright, you all look fabulous. Tonight will be a different format than you are used to. We are doing demonstrations throughout various areas of the club for the first couple of hours-. The purpose is to allow Doms and subs the ability to see how different aspects of bondage and impact play, can be brought into their scenes. After that, the club will open up to play. I’ve assigned everyone a Master Dom and a different demonstration depending upon your likes and limits. Understood?” he asked waiting for our responses.

  “Yes, sir.” We all replied simultaneously.

  “Good. Let’s get started. Jack, you are with Sarah. She will be doing a whip demo. Kenzie, you will assist Cole with his spanking demo. Alice, you are with Drew and wax play. Serena will be with Dominic over at the flogger demo, and Emma will be assisting me with a rope demo.” He paused and looked at us all, one by one, gauging what I felt was our comfort level.

  The fact that he had paired himself with me was leading me to the notion that there was more going on with him, with us, than he wanted to admit to me. Part of me didn’t really care. I was happy that he was choosing me, and I would take every moment that I could. I had made a promise to myself a long time ago to be true to who I was and to not let another man treat me bad. I didn’t know what was really happening between us, but I figured I’d let it progress as it would. I could have some fun without falling for him, right?

  “Emma.” The purr of his voice snapped me back to reality. Jesus, that man makes my thoughts go everywhere but where they needed to be. I felt the heat rise between my thighs. He seriously had the sexiest voice I’d ever heard.

  “Sir?” I questioned back, raising my eyes to meet his. What I saw surprised me a little. His brown eyes were darkened with lust and desire. I watched as he inhaled a deep breath, attempting to regain his control. I knew the feeling. There was something about the chemistry between us that was undeniable, yet we were both still fighting it. I knew why I was, but Marcus was still a mystery.

  He approached me and I quickly glanced around me to find the other subs had left. Oh.

  “Where were your thoughts before?” he asked as he ran his fingertip across my collar bone, causing a shiver to run down my spine. “And I want honesty.” He added before positioning himself behind me, pressing his leather pants and slight erection into my ass.

  “I…I um, was thinking about how sexy you were and…” I trailed off. It was impossible to keep my concentration as his fingers grazed my shoulders, traveling up my neck and back down. I felt my sex get wetter and wetter as he methodically moved his fingers over my skin; the skin that was now on fire with desire.

  “Continue, Emma.”

  “It’s kind of hard to when you keep distracting me, sir.” My breathing was becoming erratic as his hands were sending impulses to my clit. “I was just thinking, sir, that I really don’t know much about you.” I tilted my head back, hoping that it would land on his shoulder, which it did.

  He brought his lips to my ear and whispered. “You will in time, pet. But for now, I want you to go get undressed, and come back to me wearing only the robe in your locker.”

  I stood straight up and turned to face him. “I’ll be naked?” It was more of a question then a statement. Fear began to replace the overwhelming arousal I had just felt. Even though I’d done a few scenes on the floor, nothing had been naked. Not out here, only in his room.

  He stood back and resumed his Dom persona, the emotionless façade I had come to recognize while in the club. “Yes, you will be. Is this a problem, Emma? Because you mentioned nothing about that in your limits.” He waited, arms crossed over his chest. God the man was so fucking hot, it hurt.

  “No, sir, no problem.” Yet, it was a problem, a big problem, and one that brought back bad memories. It’s okay. Everything will be okay. Marcus isn’t him. I began to walk toward the locker room to change, willing myself the ability to see this through. I could do this. This is what I wanted. I could have kicked myself in the ass for forgetting to put public nudity as a limit. Hell, maybe it was time to face my fears, so to say.

  Chapter 17-Marcus

  I waited for Emma to return from the locker room. I was going to enjoy doing this demonstration with her. It was a simple hip harness, designed for suspension. It would allow proper support without restricting her too much. I was only planning on showing a basic technique within tonight’s demo. We provided classes on different aspects for members, and I tended to get more advanced within those classes.

  I turned back to the bar and picked up the shot of whiskey that Sam had placed nex
t to me. I nodded toward him. “Thanks man.”

  “No problem.”

  Emma walked out of the locker room, fidgeting with the robe. She looked like she was uncomfortable. She had clammed up a little when I mentioned that she would be naked. I made sure to make a note to ask her about the reasons behind her fear. I’d had her scene with Caleb a few times in a public sense, so the sudden fear was disturbing.

  Emma walked towards me wearing her heels and the purple robe that I had placed in her locker just before heading into the lounge moments ago. She had her head bowed a little, and presented herself in a shy manner.

  “What’s the matter, subbie?” I asked, hoping that she would give me the honest answer.

  “Nothing now, sir. The idea of public nudity scared me for a moment, but I am ok.” Her answer was honest, and a feeling of pride went through me. She was making an effort with her submission.

  “You are able to safe word out at any moment, and we will stop immediately and talk about what you’re feeling. Do you understand?” I tilted her face up to look at mine.

  “Yes, sir, I understand.” She looked straight into my eyes, her hazel colored ones full of adoration.

  “Good, let’s go. Callie usually helps me with rope demos, but tonight I wanted to try it with you to see how you like it, and, since you did not make it a limit, that is what we shall do.” I noticed her shudder at the mention of Callie’s name, and I knew there was some animosity between the two of them.

  We walked onto the dungeon floor and made our way to the rope area. This was located toward the left side, and was bigger in comparison to any of the other play areas we had on the floor. There were black gym mats lining the floor under the suspension rigs and rings. I had one of the bigger rings attached to a smaller, non-movable rig. I wanted Emma to enjoy the freedom of the suspension without feeling completely restrained.

  There was a crowd assembled around the area that I had roped off. I wanted them to be able to watch without interrupting us. I looked at Emma, who had followed in tow. She still looked uncomfortable at the thought of being completely naked in front of strangers, which was oxymoronic to the fact that she was currently a member of a BDSM club.

  I walked to the table that was set up inside the cordoned-off area, which held all of my rope, different lengths and colors. I originally planned to use the purple rope, as it was a little softer and matched her robe. On the lower shelf that was attached to the table, I had a various selection of toys that I would use as well.

  “Ready, pet?” I asked as I walked up behind her.

  “As I ever will be,” she responded, looking into my eyes again like she was pleading with me to allow her to put back on some clothing. I now was more intrigued to know what had happened to her for her to act this way, but, again, this was neither the time nor place for that discussion.

  “Remember, you always have your safe word, although I don’t believe you’ll need it. Just trust me, please,” I whispered into her ear. I never want to hurt this girl, and the fact that I was pushing her to do something that was clearly making her uncomfortable was bothering me a little. To give her some comfort, I added, “I will not take you past points where I think you cannot handle it. You will tell me about this fear at another time. Are you sure you want to proceed?”

  Without moving her head or eyes, she responded. “Yes, sir. I trust that.”

  “Good, please tell everyone you’re safe word,” I directed to her while motioning my hand toward the spectators.

  “Cupcake.” I giggled. Her safe word made me laugh every time I heard it because it was so her.

  I turned to the crowd. “You all heard her safe word. If something in the demonstration scares her, or she wants me to stop, she will use her safe word, and everything will stop. It is imperative to have a safe word determined prior to play. If you chose to gag your sub or be gagged, then a mutually agreed upon signal should be used.”

  “I am going to prep Emma for a simple suspension harness. This is a simpler technique for use with the suspension rings. I don’t suggest a long suspension time or hard scene with this particular harness. There are other techniques that you can utilize for that sort of scene.”

  I grabbed the black rope from the table, it was the longest rope I had, and longer than needed for the harness. I stood in front of Emma, shielding her front side from the crowd. “I have decided to help with your sudden shyness. I am going to show the crowd a simple wrap, nothing restrictive. It is more artistic than playful.”

  She nodded in understanding, and I proceeded to remove the robe off her shoulder, making sure it was still secure around her pussy. Turning back to the crowd, I addressed them again. “I am going to provide the sub with a little modesty tonight, as I show you a simple wrap technique, which can be altered for restraint if needed. Tonight, I am focusing on the artistic elements of Shibari, a Japanese style of rope bondage.”

  I talked about the history of Shibari as I wrapped Emma’s chest in a corset, just around her breast area, utilizing a decorative front and smooth rope back. The decorative front was a combination of basic knotting and threading techniques, usually used for wrist gauntlets; a simple but yet decorative flare.

  “Now that my sub is ready with her corset, another decorative element that can be used for simple rope bondage, restraint bondage, or even within a suspension scene. This one, however, is more decorative. I will now put her harness on, and suspend her from the ring above us,” I said as I finished tying the knot on the corset.

  I looked at Emma and whispered. “You still okay, love?”

  She nodded and answered. “Yes, sir.”

  “Good,” I responded. I grabbed the red rope off the table next to me, and positioned myself in front of her.

  Addressing the crowd, I began the explanation of the hip harness. “Okay, Doms and subs, the hip harness starts off by folding the rope in half. We are going to measure about a fist length down, and tie a double overhand knot. I am going to ask Emma to reach around and hold the loop in place at the base of her spine, while I thread the rope through her legs and up to her front. Emma?”

  I handed her the loop as she moved her arm behind her. I let my fingers linger on hers a bit longer than needed, but I enjoyed touching her as much as I could. “Emma, spread your legs a little.” She did as I asked. “That’s a good girl.”

  I brought the rope through the apex of her thighs, trailing my fingers on the sensitive sides of her legs, feeling her shudder as the rope played on the outside of her sex.

  “Now, I am going to tie a double coin knot at the level of her chest; bringing the rope and knot down to center it right under her navel. This allows you to separate the rope on her behind to each hip. Now take each end of the rope and work them to the left and right hips, tucking them under the lead that we brought through her thighs.”

  I turned her around to show the crowd that I had in fact separated the rope so that the knot was still at the base of her spine and the rope now circled her ass cheeks instead of being centered.

  “We now bring the ends round to Emma’s front, and tuck them over the parallel ropes that come up between her thighs. Then we bring those ropes to the first tuck location, on her hips, and tuck them under, and bring them back up the front again. We repeat this process another four times, before securing the bindings by running the loose ends of the rope under and over all of the windings, twice, leaving what looks like a rabbit ear at the top, like this.” I turned her to face the crowd.

  I looked at her. “You’re doing great, pet. I am almost positive that if I ran my fingers through your folds, you’d be soaking wet. Am I right?” I snickered and flashed a smile as I watched her face flush in agreement.

  “Yes, sir.”

  I turned back to the crowd. “I am now going to secure the winds by sending the working ends of the rope through the ears and pulling tight. We are almost done. Once the knots are secured, loop the ends round, and bring them to your partner’s back, and feed them throu
gh the original loop we started with. Once this is done, you are free to tie the ends to a point over their head. I am going to fasten Emma to the Shibari ring above us, and have her bend over, allowing me full access to her beautiful ass.”

  I rubbed my hands over her bottom, before I attached the rope to the ring; bringing her to her tip toes. “This, everyone, is a basic hip harness. Obviously, Shibari can be as simple or as advanced as you want. You want to make sure your partner is comfortable and that you are aware of where the ropes are being laid. You don’t want to have your partner suspended for an extended period of time as loss of circulation can be a bad side effect of bondage. We do offer more advance rope technique classes, if you are interested. That is all.”

  I was hoping that the crowd would disperse quickly, as I wanted Emma to myself for the next part of the night. I’d decided that we’d throw in a flogger tonight in my room. I was still having my own issues related to fucking her. Part of me wanted her bad; to stick my cock deep into her pussy. Then again, I didn’t want to hurt her. Emotionally, as I had April. I had promised her that I would be professional, train her and protect her. What the fuck was wrong with me?

  I turned and saw that the crowd had indeed receded, and I had her to myself. I came up behind her, pressing my groin into her ass. I was aroused, no doubt about that. Rubbing my hands over her ass, I made my way toward her inner thigh to test my theory from before.

  “Ah, my pet, you are soaking wet,” I whispered as I slid my fingers in between her folds. “Are you ready for some play tonight?”

  “Yes, sir. I am ready. But can I be removed from the ring first?” A slight laugh to her voice. Fuck, she could be cute.

  I laughed and began to untie her from the ring. “Of course, but I think we will reuse some of these ropes in my dungeon. As soon as I release you, I want you to go to my room and kneel on the floor by the bed. I’ll be there in a few minutes.”


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