Christine Feehan

 Christine Feehan 's Books

A very well recieved series by Christine Feehan are the books, featuring tropes. The most popular books are Dark Legacy, Dark Predator, Shadow Keeper, The Twilight Before Christmas, Oceans of Fire, Covert Game, Conspiracy Game, Dark Lycan, Magic in the Wind, Dark Dream, Turbulent Sea, Dark Storm, Dark Ghost, Shadow Rider, Dark Secret, Shadow Reaper, Bound Together, Dark Melody, Wild Rain, Dark Desire, Leopard's Blood, Power Game, Ruthless Game, Dark Descent, Spider Game, Dark Possession, Cat's Lair, Dark Slayer, Dark Peril, Dark Wolf, Dark Curse, Deadly Game, A Very Gothic Christmas, Leopard's Prey, Wild Fire, Dark Demon, Spirit Bound, Dark Hunger, The Shadows of Christmas Past, Dark Fire, Dark Challenge, Earth Bound, Leopard's Fury, Savage Nature, Samurai Game, Wild Cat, Hidden Currents, Judgment Road, Fire Bound, Water Bound, Dark Destiny, Dark Legend, Safe Harbor, Shadow Game, Dark Carousel, Dark Crime, Night Game, Dark Promises, Dark Magic, Dark Symphony, Dark Gold, Dark Prince, Dark Guardian, Dangerous Tides, Shadow Flight (The Shadow Series), The Awakening, The Twilight Before Christmas (stories), Viper Game, Burning Wild, Shadow Flight, Leopard's Wrath (A Leopard Novel), Shadow Warrior (The Shadow Series Book 4), Lair of the Lion, Leopard's Rage, Murder Game, Air Bound, Predatory Game, Lethal Game, Mind Game, Vengeance Road, The Scarletti Curse, Leopard's Rage (Leopard People), Dark Song, Vendetta Road, Murder at Sunrise Lake, Reckless Road, Dark Prince (Dark Series - book 1), Dark Illusion ('Dark' Carpathian Book 33), Dark Desire (Dark Series - book 2), Dark Predator d-22, Leopard's Run, Dark Curse 19, Fire Bound (Sea Haven Sisters, Dark Sentinel, Ruthless Game g-9, Dark Slayer 20, Judgment Road (Torpedo Ink #1), Rocky Mountain Miracle, GhostWalkers 4 - Conspiracy Game, Dark Demon 16, Dark Storm ('Dark' Carpathian Series), Dark Symphony (Dark Series - book 10), Dark Celebration 17, Dark Descent (Dark Series - Book 11), Dark Prince (Author's cut special edition), Shadowgame, Dark Fire (Dark Series - book 6), Drake Sisters 06 - Turbulent Sea, Dark Blood (Dark Series Book 26), Dark Challenge (Dark Series - book 5), Dark Blood Deleted Scenes, Fantasy, Dark 18 - Dark Possession, L06 Leopard's Prey, Dark Sentinel ('Dark' Carpathian Book 32), Dark Gold (Dark Series - book 3), Dark Guardian (Dark Series - book 9), The Wicked and the Wondrous, Dark Magic (Dark Series - book 4), Dark Dream (Dark Series - book 7), Christine Feehan 5 CARPATHIAN NOVELS, GW10 Samurai Game, Lover Beware, Shadow Game (GhostWalkers), [Magic Sisters 05] - Safe Harbor, Dark 12 - DARK MELODY, GhostWalkers 2 - Mind Game, DarkDescent, Dark Melody (Dark Series - book 12), which was published in 2022.