Lora Leigh

 Lora Leigh 's Books

A very well recieved series by Lora Leigh are the books, featuring tropes. The most popular books are Rule Breaker, Harmonys Way, Nauti Nights, Nauti Deceptions, Aidens Charity, Nautier and Wilder, Enthralled, Nauti Kisses, Lawe's Justice, Wolfes Hope, Stygian's Honor, Honk if You Love Real Men, Hidden Agendas, Nauti Intentions, Heather's Gift, Nauti Dreams, Night Hawk, Maverick, Nauti Enchantress, Nauti Seductress, Marly's Choice, Taken, Nauti Angel, Atlanta Heat, Rescue Me, Killer Secrets, Submission, Nauti Temptress (Nauti Girls), Dangerous Games, Live Wire, The Breed Next Door, Tempting the Beast, Surrender, Nauti Boy, Sarah's Seduction, Black Jack, Wake A Sleeping Tiger, The Man Within, Dangerous Pleasure, Bengal's Quest, Wild Card, Wicked Pleasure, Beyond the Dark, Forbidden Pleasure, Guilty Pleasure, Soul Deep, Only Pleasure, Elizabeth's Wolf, Shameless, Dawn's Awakening, Kiss of Heat, Shifter, Wicked Intent, Seduction, Mercury's War, Tanners Scheme, The Magical Christmas Cat, Coyote's Mate, Megans Mark, Embraced, Hot for the Holidays, Styx's Storm, Lion's Heat, Sacrifice, Nauti Temptress, Nauti Siren, Bengal's Heart, Primal, An Inconvenient Mate, Navarro's Promise, Jacobs Faith, For Maggie's Sake, Enigma, Cross Breed (Breeds #32), One Tough Cowboy, Men of Danger, Hannah's Luck, Renegade, Lethal Nights, The Man Within (Feline Breeds Book 2), Loving Lies, Sheila's Passion, Secret Sins, Tied With a Bow, Dragon Prime, Nauti and Wild, Nauti Enchantress (Nauti Girls), August Heat, Aiden's Charity, Cross Breed, Twin Passions: 3, He is Male Therefore…, Bound Hearts 01-12, Savage Legacy, Intense Pleasure, Lethal Nights (Brute Force), Primal Kiss, Tempting SEALs 03: Hidden Agendas, Enigma: Prologue to Live Wire, DragonPrime, Elite Ops Complete Series, Dagger's Edge--A Brute Force Novel, Feline Breeds 2: The Man Within, Too Hot to Touch, Baraks Bargain, Real Men Do It Better: For Maggie's Sake, Ultimate Sins, Hot Alphas, The Devil's Due, Midnight Sins, Menage A Magick, Collision Poin_A Brute Force Novel, Deadly Sins, Overcome, Surrender bh-1, Erin's Kiss, Collision Point--A Brute Force Novel, ReluctantConsort, Surrender/Submission Bound Hearts 1 & 2, Rugged Texas Cowboy, Submission bh-2, Cowboy & the Captive, Secret Pleasure, Wicked Intent bh-4, Dagger's Edge: A Brute Force Novel, The One, Wicked Lies, The Nauti Boys Collection, which was published in 2022.