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Fifty-Fifty O'Brien Fifty-Fifty O'Brien

by L. Ron Hubbard

Genre: Science

Published: 2014

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Looking for some excitement, Winchester Remington Smith, barker for the .22-caliber rifle shooting gallery on the circus midway, decides to leave carnival life behind and join the Marines.
His quick feet and stealth make him the perfect Marine message runner, but Smith hates the silence between orders. But a message runner he’ll always be if First Sergeant Fifty-Fifty O’Brien has anything to do with it. That’s especially true after Smith deliberately breaks off a message run and uses his deadly aim to save the sergeant’s life. After being brought up on charges, Smith now faces a fatal dash to Mount Pelo, where no messages have penetrated the enemy lines. Smith soon discovers that, even in the most unexpected situations, the tables can turn—much to his and O’Brien’s surprise.
Also include the adventure stories “The Adventure of X” and “Red Sand”
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