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Beware the Fisj Beware the Fisj

by Gordon Korman

Genre: Literature

Published: 2013

View: 1894

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Gordon Korman's classic, bestselling series celebrates its 35th anniversary!Macdonald Hall's ivy-covered buildings have housed and educated many fine young Canadians. But Bruno Walton and Boots O'Neal are far from being fine young Canadians. The roommates and best friends are nothing but trouble! Together they've snuck out after lights-out, swapped flags, kidnapped mascots . . . and that's only the beginning.Macdonald High is having some serious cash flow problems. Everything is being cut back — evening snack is gone, the lab equipment is decrepit and the dorms are freezing at night. Worst of all, Bruno Walton and Boots O'Neal are being moved in with Elmer Drimsdale — the science geek. There's even talk of Macdonald Hall being put up for sale! Could this be the end of Canada's finest boarding school or do Bruno and Boots have a plan?Join two of Gordon Korman's most memorable characters in seven side-splitting, rip-roaring adventures!...

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