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Shadows in Flight Shadows in Flight

by Orson Scott Card

Genre: Science

Published: 2011

Series: The Shadow Series

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The SHADOWS IN FLIGHT enhanced ebook is a lavishly illustrated novel that will make the most of your e-reader or tablet device. Orson Scott Card’s novel is brought to vivid life by artist Nick Greenwood.
"The author has always superbly written about children, and here he's in top form….If you still prefer Ender to Bean after this, you're really hardcore." -*-Kirkus Reviews *on SHADOWS IN FLIGHT* *Set in the Ender’s Game universe, SHADOWS IN FLIGHT is the fifth book in Orson Scott Card’s "Ender’s Shadow" sequence. At the end of SHADOW OF THE GIANT, Julian Delphiki, called "Bean" by everyone, stole away from the wars of Earth with three of his children – the three who share his genetic mutation that gives brilliance and a short life. A ship to the stars will give them a chance – a chance for the scientists of Earth to find a treatment, if not for him then for his children. As the long decades on Earth flash by in a moment on their near-light-speed ship, they flee into the future. The three, called Ender, Carlotta and Sergeant, work to learn enough to help in the effort, and then lead it. But Earth holds no minds more brilliant that those of Bean and his children, and there is no cure. As the generations pass on Earth, there comes a time when no one remembers them, save as a voice on the ansible, a distant whisper from the stars. And then their ship’s life-support begins to fail, and Bean’s children must save themselves.

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