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The Puppeteer The Puppeteer

by MaeEadie

Genre: Other

Published: 2015

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As the world opens up to war, a young girl closes down on a secret. As a purine, keeper of the secret, protector of the frescreets, she sacrifices her family, her friends and her freedom. What she doesn't know is that she's part of a bigger plan. Nor does she realise that as she gives up her time, she gains freedom from the puppeteer. There are no strings on Florence.Do you ever get the feeling you're being controlled? Like you are a victim of a greater plan? Like fists are pounding the earth beneath you and you are left to pick yourself up?Florence did.The pounding fists controlled her. The frescreets controlled her.Rafael controlled her.Hiter controlled her.And I controlled them all.Yet somehow Florence managed to slip through my fingers.She was uncontrollable.Independent.A purine.She slipped out of my strings and got away.

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