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Bloodhound Bloodhound

by Tamora Pierce

Genre: Science

Published: 2009

Series: Beka Cooper

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"I might be outside the rowdiest den on Rovers Street, but I was ready to bag me some Rats. And if there was a brawl, I would do my part."
Beka has earned quite a reputation in her five months as a full member of the Provost's Guard and has already gone through four partners. Now with a new scent hound, Achoo, Beka is working again with Clary Goodwin, and they have been sent upriver on a special mission to Port Caynn. Counterfeit silver coins have been found in the marketplace there and threaten to undo the economy of all Tortall. With the help of the ghost-carrying pigeon, Slapper, and her street-corner dust spinners, Beka soon learns that the corruption is more deep-seated than just in the Rouge's Court. No matter how dangerous, Beka isn't likely to give up the scent. But if she isn't careful, her reputation will be cut short - permanently.

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