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Delia's Heart Delia's Heart

by V. C. Andrews

Genre: Horror

Published: 2008

Series: Delia

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*Atrapada entre dos mundos*
Delia Yebarra survived a treacherous desert crossing to protect her friend Ignacio from murder charges. Now, the time has come once again to leave her tiny Mexican hometown: Delia's cousin Edward convinces her to return to his world of wealth and privilege in Palm Springs, and soon Delia, a beautiful and popular senior at an exclusive private school, is living the American dream. But Delia will quickly discover that high society has a very dark underside.
*Extranjera en cualquiera de los dos*
Delia's malicious cousin Sophia is sparking horrific rumors with Delia at their center. Racing to do damage control, Delia's mortified aunt Isabela introduces her troublesome niece to the handsome son of a wealthy Mexican American politician. An attraction sparks and a whirlwind romance begins...but Delia's heart won't let her forget her humble roots -- or Ignacio. And when tragedy tears her world apart, will it be too late to save the one she cares about the most?

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