Third Times a Charm

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Third Times a Charm Third Times a Charm

by Marquita Valentine

Genre: Romance

Published: 2012

Series: Holland Springs

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To the world, Alexander "Sasha" Romanov is a sexy, globe-trotting playboy that parties with the very rich and famous. But behind the façade exists a ruthless man willing and able to destroy anyone and anything standing in the way of his ultimate goal . . . until he meets Rose Holland. Twenty-three year old Rose Holland is perfectly content with her role as Holland Springs' most notorious woman. Despite her less than stellar reputation, themen and women of her small town can't help but shop in her store and ask for love advice. It's tradition, after all. Then Sasha Romanov appears in town, with his heated looks and charming smiles that seem to be for Rose only. A series of unfortunate events leads to close quarters for Rose and Sasha. Extremely close. And neither can stop themselves from giving into their secret desires. But when the real reason Sasha is in Holland Springs comes to light, Rose's world comes crashing down. Can these two enemies-to-lovers and then back-to-enemies again come together to save one another?

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