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Solitary Solitary

by Quelli di ZEd

Genre: Other

Published: 2013

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Episode #3 series "Nocturnal"Grace Elmond is one of the best known authorized necromancers in Tejarak,owner of an exclusive clinic which is increasingly lacking patients. When, on top of this, one of her employees dies in a misteryous way that looks like an attempt to frame her, she decides to take matters in her hands, and finds herself involved in more than she bargained for.Tamesis always thought that she knew her destiny and she was determined to be the absolute best Resurrector there was.But Fate had different plans. On her first heal, Tamesis runs into two mysterious men, and one of them changes everything for her.Tamesis cannot stop thinking about him or dreaming about him. Then, when the work of the Resurrectors is threatened the man returns and sets Tamesis on a path that opposes everything she was raised to believe.Something has twisted the beliefs of the Resurrectors, causing them to stray from their path and become extremists. They were supposed to save those who still had noble work to do, but instead insist that everyone deserves to live until old age.Now she needs to accept the role she was destined to have, that of the Angel of Death, healing those she can and reaping the souls of those who must die. The war between Resurrectors and those who protect the Balance is heating up.

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