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Unbearably Stranded Unbearably Stranded

by Scarlett Grove

Genre: Romance

Published: 2015

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When curvy nature witch Vivian came home to Mystic Harbor, she started her life over without her crazy ex-husband. The problem is, her ex cast a binding spell on her when they first married and now wants force her to help him with is psychotic blood magic. Vivian would rather die than go back with him, so her only option is to summon a demon from hell to banish her ex for a hundred years. Too bad that kind of magic comes with a price.
In her quest to find the last ingredient to her summoning spell, Vivian meets Laurence, the broody grizzly bear fisherman. Laurence has no interest in helping a witch with her magic, but Vivian convinces him to take her out to a small island out at sea.
Caught in a magical storm, Vivian and Laurence are shipwrecked. Coming together to survive in spite of their differences, Laurence and Vivian heat up the cold nights while stranded on the island.
When they finally make it home, Vivian must still find a way to overcome her ex while retaining her integrity. Will Laurence offer his mate's bite to a witch? Or will their prejudices keep them apart and damn Vivian forever?
Unbearably Stranded is a standalone story of about 20,000 words or approximately 80 pages. This sexy shifter romance contains super hot love scenes intended for adult audiences.

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