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Money Talks Money Talks

by Christopher Davis

Genre: Fiction

Published: 2017

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He never gave a second thought to the old Lincoln gathering dust in the corner, until a couple of gentlemen from south of the border walk in with a wad of cash money.For over six thousand years the cyborg species have ruled the solar system of Earth, but now their reign as supreme beings is threatened by a foreign invader, called Lainep. Only Iyata, one of the eight leaders of the cyborg species, knows the powerful capabilities of the Lainep, and in an attempt to avoid a war with them at all cost Iyata sends one of its creations, Iji, a young cyborg, to Earth on a secret mission to try and prevent a cataclysmic war with the powerful Lainep, but in the midst of the mission Iji gains access into the vibritic dimension, in which the aether (soul), that embodies all organic life, inhabits. And in Iji’s venture into the mysterious dimension Iji becomes trapped, and tries to find a way to make it back to the ultimate reality, in order to save the cyborg species from destruction. 

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