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Van Laven Chronicles: Shadow Reign Van Laven Chronicles: Shadow Reign

by Tyler Chase

Genre: Romance

Published: 2015

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The long awaited sequel to Throne of Novoxos!
With the stakes even higher, the couple's burgeoning relationship is put to the ultimate test when Lord Comron Van Laven embarks on a deadly path of retribution and conquest...
Forced to keep their marriage under wraps, Comron and Vaush find themselves in an impossible situation -- as the newly enthroned Empress, Vaush must form a marriage alliance with one of the Great Houses lest the empire be plunged into a bloody civil war. Armed with new gifts of the Murkudahl, Comron moves deftly behind the scene to bring the Great Houses to their knees by whatever means necessary, even while he's forced to watch as Vaush is courted by the handsome princes of the realm.
Unbeknownst to the Great Houses, the impending Murkudahl Kurukaii invasion threatens their very existence. To combat this threat, Comron and Vaush secretly build a lethal army of super soldiers and technologically advanced weapons systems. But will Comron keep his promise to only use this super army against the Kurukaii or will he set them loose on the Great Houses to avenge Nethic and to finally claim Empress Vaush for himself?

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