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Doctor Thorne Doctor Thorne

by Anthony Trollope

Genre: Fiction

Published: 2002

View: 1964

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Doctor Thorne by Anthony TrollopeDoctor Thorne by Anthony TrollopeDoctor Thorne by Anthony TrollopeSon of a bankrupt landowner, Frank Gresham is intent on marrying his beloved Mary Thorne, despite her illegitimacy and apparent poverty. Frank\'s ambitious mother and haughty aunt are set against the match, however, and push him to save the family\'s mortgaged estate by making a good marriage to a wealthy heiress. Only Mary\'s loving uncle, Dr Thorne, knows the secret of her birth and the fortune she is to inherit that will make her socially acceptable in the eyes of Frank\'s family - but the high-principled doctor believes she should be accepted on her own terms. A telling examination of the relationship between society, money and morality, Dr Thorne (1858) is enduringly popular for Trollope\'s affectionate depiction of rural English life and his deceptively simple portrayal of human nature.

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