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I'll Sleep When I'm Dead I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

by Tymber Dalton

Genre: Romance

Published: 2018

View: 1945

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(Suncoast Society series book #70, MMMMF, IR, RH, BDSM)
Arden’s been plagued by personal problems—none of them involving men. But when she waits on four hunky rich guys one night and they find out she’s studying computers, their job offer is the answer to her prayers.
Trace, Steve, Ken, and Hal have been best friends since they were college roommates. They’ve already successfully birthed and cashed out one start-up that made them rich, and moved to Florida to focus on replicating their accomplishment. They hope buying a house together will help them recapture their magic and avoid distractions, like dangerously meddling family and crazy exes. But Arden, their adorable motorcycle-riding assistant, doesn’t seem to understand how much she distracts them.
Then a chance encounter at Venture gives the men a very bad—or very good—idea. And when Ken needs Arden’s help hiding his secret from family, the men decide the risk is worth it. Now all they have to do is convince Arden she’s perfect for them.

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