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Yokche:The Nature of Murder Yokche:The Nature of Murder

by P. J. Erickson

Genre: Mystery

Published: 2015

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This first book in the Chase Larsen adventure series finds Chase trading his job as government troubleshooter for the peace and quiet of Florida life with his dog and his Harley. Until, that is, his sister’s sudden death appears to be murder. His quiet life now a fantasy, and free to investigate, Chase and his bike club friends begin to unravel the mystery and discover a far greater threat.Chase Larsen is a man of many sides, one of a vanishing breed, an adventurer who spent much of his life overseas. At forty-five he has two longtime companions, a dog and a Harley. He has been through many countries, many scrapes, but yet is a man of old-fashioned values and strong beliefs.Called home to South Florida to bury his sister, Sophie, Chase was told that she died accidentally, struck by lightning. A visit from an old friend, Annie, an erstwhile biker chick and now respected private eye, proves otherwise. She shows Chase a photograph of the scene where Sophie died and at once Chase realizes that something is wrong. A violent storm may have killed his sister but the ground where she died is dry and undisturbed. Sophie’s body had been dumped there.Arriving home, Chase finds a message from a coworker of Sophie’s and arranges a meet in the Everglades for the following day. When Chase arrives he is met by Joe Keel, a Seminole, who takes Chase by airboat to a small island hidden in the mangroves. Joe tells Chase how, on a camping trip to the Keys, Sophie had stumbled on something unbelievable. These two men have one obsession, to find the truth. They will do so at any cost. The chase is on.

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