The Blue Pool

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The Blue Pool The Blue Pool

by Siobhan MacDonald

Genre: Other

Published: 2016

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What really happened that weekend?
Four friends go to a remote cabin one summer.
Only three return.
Life is good for university friends Sarah, Ruth, Charlotte, and Kathy - exams are over and they’re escaping to a cabin by the Blue Pool.
But when Sarah disappears without a trace, life for the others will never be the same again.
Twenty-five years later a man walks into a police station, claiming to know about the missing girl.
Suddenly, the three women – now estranged – become suspects.
Forced to revisit that horrifying weekend, they must confront buried fears.
For not everything was as it seemed.
And the greater the secret, the deeper it lies . . .
From the author of Twisted River comes another unputdownable and unpredictable psychological thriller.

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