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Dragon Tamer Dragon Tamer

by Laura Lane

Genre: Fiction

Published: 2012

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There is a dragon on the rampage. Thirty-five Knights have tried to stop it and all have failed. Will Knight Morgan of Fairwinds be able to conquer the dragon and win the chest of gold to help the poor of his shire? With so many depending on the Knight, Knight Morgan has no choice except to stand before the dragonPetty differences and jealousies between shires has led to raging battles with no end. Until the wizard Whitmoor concocts a potion to end all wars for good. Unfortunately he is shot by an arrow as he adds the last ingredient and falls into his cauldron to disappear for ever. But there is no stopping the spell, and a magnificent beast arises, a ferocious dragon that puts an end to the battle. But this beast has an appetite for roast cattle and a penchant for midnight runs over villages. Soon all the people of the shire are afraid to leave their huts to plow their fields and raise their animals. The shire is starving and the King's coffer is getting low. Thirty-five Knights have tried and failed to destroy the dragon, will Knight Morgan of Fairwinds be the thirty-sixth casualty?

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