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Barrett Cole Barrett Cole

by Christa Wick

Genre: Romance

Published: 2017

Series: His to Claim

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Meet the Turk brothers one hard riding, curve loving cowboy at a time!

Stranded on a lonely road, Barrett Turk isn’t looking for the love of his life—just a ride to the airstrip where his crew of smokejumpers is waiting. With a forest fire eating its way toward his family ranch and the rest of Willow Gap, he’ll do whatever it takes to stop the next vehicle that drives by.

Fleeing a broken life in Los Angeles, Quinn Whitaker doesn’t know what to make of the hulking, axe-wielding maniac who jumps in front of her truck.

Is he a serial killer?

A crazed car jacker?

Mr. Right?

**Reading order for books (so far!) in the Real Cowboys Love Curves series**

Adler James—Book One

Walker Pierce—Book Two 

Barrett Cole—Book Three

**Recommended for** readers seeking a sweet romance that features: curves, a cowboy, a ranch setting with western living, happily ever after, weddings, and family life readers can return to over and over as each sibling, cousin and friend brings their search for true love to a satisfying end.

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