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Song of the Wanderer Song of the Wanderer

by Bruce Coville

Genre: Childrens

Published: 2018


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SONG OF THE WANDERER, the second volume of the million-copy-selling UNICORN CHRONICLES, is finally available on as an ebook! With over 4,000 Five-Star reviews on Good Reads, this mesmerizing sequel to INTO THE LAND OF THE UNICORNS finds Cara Diana Hunter ready to return to the human world to bring her grandmother, Ivy Morris, back to Luster.Alas, the task turns out to be far more complicated than Cara had first thought, since the "gates" between Earth and Luster are only open at certain times and only found in particular locations. And there are strange new questions to be answered: What is the Rainbow Prison? What is the significance of the haunting "Song of the Wanderer"? What was it that drove Ivy to become the Wanderer in the first place?Happily, Cara has new friends to help her on her quest, including the unicorns Belle and Finder, the mysterious Geomancer, and a most persnickety gryphon.Adventure, action, heartbreak, triumph, and surprises galore...

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