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Love Always, Mia Love Always, Mia

by Cecily Wolfe

Genre: Other

Published: 2021

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Perfect for fans of Sarah Dessen and Katie McGarry. Will the pursuit of perfection lead Mia down a destructive path . . . following in her beloved sister's footsteps? *this sequel to That Night can be read as a standalone Once upon a time, Mia had the perfect older sister. She's been an only child for over four years now, and life without Kayla's guidance has grown painfully difficult. Her parents, ashamed of how Kayla died, act like Kayla never existed at all, but Mia needs her now more than ever. Her first year of high school, her first boyfriend, her first kiss . . . all dulled by her habit of comparing herself to Kayla's perfection, until she accepts a dare from class bad boy Eli, shocking herself and impressing him with her impulsiveness. Eli has a Pandora's box of issues behind his careless fa├žade, but will his influence combined with Mia's insecurity carry her to a breaking point from which she...

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