The Wolf Marshal's Pack

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The Wolf Marshal's Pack The Wolf Marshal's Pack

by Chant, Zoe

Genre: Other

Published: 2020

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She never meant to be Little Red Riding Hood.Nature photographer Aria Clarke is most comfortable with her camera in her hands and mud on her boots. And she's a single mom, so she's used to facing down the most dangerous wildlife of all: a group of neighborhood kids on a sugar rush.Taking photos of a wolf should have been no problem.Until the wolf turns into a man right before her eyes -- and starts to stalk her.He was never meant to be a lone wolf.Deputy US Marshal Colby Acton hides his loneliness behind jokes and a stunning smile. Werewolves are meant to have packs, and living without one is taking a toll on him, no matter what he pretends.Then Aria slams into his life with her courage and intelligence and sexy legs and, oh right, an adorable eight-year-old daughter. She's his mate, destiny, and pack, all in one tough package.And she's another wolf's chosen prey.

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