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Gloria Goldfish Searches For Lost Gold Gloria Goldfish Searches For Lost Gold

by Jon Lymon

Genre: Literature

Published: 2014

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Gloria Goldfish wakes up one morning and discovers all the gold has been stolen from her scales. But who's taken it, and why would they do such a thing? Gloria sets out on an underwater journey of self-discovery to get back her gold, making new friends and facing new dangers along the way.This batch of hundred short poems leans heavily towards politics and to a lesser extend to the various recent aspects of popular culture. This is a continuation to my personal challenge to write at least one poem a day until I reach 1000 poems, or maybe a number over 9000.More specifically this collection contains several poems on the topics of feminism, racism, #GamerGate and since each of these topics are highly controversial, it is likely that our views on these subjects will have discrepancies. Well, at least if you are in favour of feminism, do not want to end racism, and are not in favour of #GamerGate. Nevertheless other topics have been touched as well.This time around, I would say that my favourite poem is the one called "Courage and Bigotry." It is slightly longer than the average length of the other poems.The table of contents:Here we go againOn the sixth of marchCompulsory SwedishUnder the storm and rain (For a fantasy novel)Combined European Army?European army and how it could workDandelion Prince (For a fantasy novel)A Top Gear job opening?Terry Pratchett#GamerGate and Women in Video Games?CHAPPiEGarnetPoetry is a sounding boardBreak up poemParenting?Old loveWe will own this sky21.03.2015Gaming and microtransactionsFeminism is our modern swastikaSpace MonkeyPassive Aggressive Spring#Gamergate as FBI priority4/5th DirectionSpace MonkeyOld School WesternStereotypical Fantasy VillainAnother WorldEarly birdThe Dead Fields (For a fantasy novel)For what it's worthPillars of EternityI hate youHeadacheLet me seeCulture of rape?Hugo Awards 8.4.2015 4/8/2015Were I to sell renewable energy135 downloads#SadPuppiesBreakIt keeps going onwardsHillary's tweetGRRM and Sad PuppiesNetflixdevilNASA | SDO: Year 5Tower of Judgement (For a fantasy novel)Baron of Storms (For a fantasy novel)Two days to electionsThe Terror of Honey Badgers at Calgary ExpoElection DayCourage and BigotryFearOn the Death of RacismOde to my new hatBicycleFlash GordonMan of SteelPolitical CorrectnessThe Two Natural DisastersBirthday RosesThoughts on Baltimore RiotsDavid Simon: End the Drug WarHappy thoughtsNews from Nepal in 2015Bernie Sanders for PresidentSpace MonkeyAnd the sky shall fallI like to argue like a Flame WarriorSleepNight at the clubOn PotatoesA gamer is dead, long live the gamer!Space MonkeyAll those racist wordsControversial poems...Fried RiceTaunts onlineMy dear WatsonI received a letterOn police with camerasKing's counsel (For a fantasy novel)Girlfriend's espressoOn women who want to have it allOn a brighter noteA response to Elisa Chavez's “#gamergate”SidetrackedThe bitch waits in the showerA Person of Colour“Redneck Avengers: Tulsa Nights” — A Bad Lip ReadingHundred online strawsHeadaches of mineThe Green ElephantSandwich with hamAnd now she wants salmonSidekick Max: Furiosa's RoadTo Be A Delicate FlowerA Green CarHello my loveSome Two Hundred Poems

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