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Forget Me Not Forget Me Not

by Erica Pensini

Genre: Other

Published: 2016

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Can you meet again after two hundred years? Science denies the possibility. Iris is a scientist, but when she finds herself in the pages of an antique book her certainties are breached and the boundaries between imagination and reality become dangerously labile.After a long absence, Chris Carter returns home to a town he barely recognises. Already targeted by local law enforcement, he is thrust into a contentious and spiralling battle to combat a growing threat to all that he holds dear; family, friends and national identity. Under the banner of the newly formed 'English Front Line', he and the young men of Holtingham vow to defend their culture and country against the amassed forces of Islamic extremism and the self-serving, politically-correct lobbyists. The escalation of murder and a Jihadist planned, ultimate terrorist-strike at the heart and soul of England, demands a swift, merciless reaction and the greatest of sacrifice, if two thousand years of proud history are not to be swept away.Though a tale of fiction, ' .... of Hope and Glory ' is based on the stark facts of present day Britain and the very uncertain and fraught future she faces.

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