Royal Shark (The Rourkes, Book 6)

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Royal Shark (The Rourkes, Book 6) Royal Shark (The Rourkes, Book 6)

by Kylie Gilmore

Genre: Other

Published: 2019

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Read Royal Shark (The Rourkes, Book 6) Storyline:

I’m a gentleman and a card shark, so taking the lead on the new upscale casino on Villroy is a natural fit. I’m proud to run the place, especially given our flagging economy. Except, after a month in operation, it’s been proving to be more than one prince can handle. I need a right-hand man (or woman) to make this operation a success, and hundreds of jobs are counting on me.
And then my twin, Silvia, gets in touch about Sara, a girl we were close to as children when her family summered in Villroy. Ironically, at twelve, we swore a solemn vow to marry when we were twenty-five. We’re now twenty-five.
But that’s not why Silvia contacted me. Turns out that Sara, like me, loves poker, but now she’s in trouble, running a poker game in New York and upping the pot high enough to attract the wealthy underbelly of the city. Of course, I ride to the rescue with the perfect solution—a job, working for me.
Except the stubborn woman won’t stop her game, won’t leave New York, and won’t leave her sister, who’s all grown up. Now I find myself wanting her for more than just business, unable to leave her in such a dangerous situation. But my kingdom is counting on me to make the casino a success.
Something’s got to give.

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