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Court of the Litterfey Court of the Litterfey

by S. C. Green

Genre: Other

Published: 2014

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After his father mysteriously vanishes from his truck one night, fifteen-year-old Tristan is left trying to hold his family together. His mother is falling apart, and his little sister is haunted by a strange black shadow with glowing eyes.Tristan knows his father's disappearance has something to do with the new bypass being built through the centre of town, cutting in half the old Settlers' Gardens. Legend tells of the fey that followed the town's original settlers from their homelands and now reside in the Garden, trapped behind the high iron fence. But now the Garden is too small to hold all the faeries, and they are spilling out into the human world.Tristan's quest to save his father and heal his broken family will take him deep into the world of the fey, where dueling courts wage a cruel war for control of the Garden, and no faerie can be trusted.Court of the Litterfey is a short faerie novella (20,000 words) by S. C. Green, author of...

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