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Take My Breath Away Take My Breath Away

by Lari Smythe

Genre: Other

Published: 2014

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Take My Breath Away is the second book in the Southern Exposure Saga. Jason and Izzy's romance didn't end with their discovery in Forks, far from it. Not even their shocking discovery on the way home, or trying to cope with their implausible living arrangement can prepare them for the new menace that cruises into Boonsboro threatening everything.Jason chased Izzy across the country to save her from herself. After learning her change to a vampire was an act of compassion not thirst, Izzy and Jason face the long trip home. What awaits them in Boonsboro? Certainly the high school rumor mill has been in high gear. Will their friends accept them back? What about the school administration? Will they even be allowed to return school?Even after a shocking discovery on the way home, Jason's love for Izzy is steadfast. He knows, now more than ever, they are meant to be together. He has vowed to stand by her as she attempts to redefine herself without the anger.For Izzy, her existence has been turned upside-down. She is no longer filled with the hate that consumed her, but a gnawing emptiness has taken it's place. She and Jason are together, their love is all that matters, or is it? Except for Jason and Cathy, Izzy existed outside the high school social network, that was the point before, but now what? Separated from her kind there is a loneliness deep inside, and she can't help feel like she blew the one chance she had for a family. Will the Faulkners welcome her home? No doubt uncertainty and scrutiny await Jason and Izzy upon their return to Boonsboro, but there is also a new menace that threatens everything.You don't want to miss this exciting addition to the Southern Exposure Saga.

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