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Close to Home Close to Home

by K. J. Emrick

Genre: Mystery

Published: 2016

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“Dell! You have to come back to the Inn, right now!”They're not the kind of words you want to hear when you answer your phone. Dell Powers knew that it was never a good sign when her friend and business partner, Rosie, was in such a panicked state about something.Dell's first reaction was to wonder what had blown up this time. With Rosie you just never knew. It could be the stove had caught fire again or any number of things that seem to happen spontaneously when Rosie was in the vicinity.Dell heard Rosie take a long, deep breath. It was possibly the longest breath in the history of the world. What could have happened that was so bad that Rosie didn't want to tell her?“Dell, the chimney’s falling down."What?Yeah, on the scale of bad things that could happen, that was pretty bad. But Dell didn't know the half of it. She didn't know what else was waiting for her back at the Inn. If she had she...

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