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Brock Brock

by Dale Mayer

Genre: Other

Published: 2019

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Hathaway House: Brock(Book 2) Welcome to Hathaway House, a heartwarming military romance series from USA TODAY best-selling author Dale Mayer. Here you'll meet a whole new group of friends, along with a few favorite characters from Heroes for Hire. Instead of action, you'll find emotion. Instead of suspense, you'll find healing. Instead of romance, ... oh, wait. ... There is romance—of course! Welcome to Hathaway House. Rehab Center. Safe Haven. Second chance at life and love. Former Navy SEAL Brock Gorman has been at Hathaway House for more than a month with minimal improvement to either his physical or mental health. An vehicle accident on base two months ago caused major hip, back, and shoulder injuries that and took away any chance he had of ever going on a mission again. Making it through BUD/S training and into the SEALs teams was the crowning glory of Brock's life. Now it's gone. Why try to get better when he has nothing left...

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