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Am I Positive? Am I Positive?

by Abdurrahman Sarmis

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Published: 2015

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Brian was wondering if he was HIV positive. Because he used his friends needle. They found a way to get free test and they met a muslim doctor. Their life started to change. This doctor became their best friend. The doctor also had adventures with HIV positive patients and fighiting against HIV and ignorance. Read to learn more about HIV and The Real Islam.Dear Readers, I want to tell you why i wrote this novel. I have seen the importance of HIV after i started working at Medical Microbiology Laboratory. Health care workers were having needle accidents, they were asking to test HIV as soon as possible panicky. So this panic led me to tell people about HIV. And i am a Muslim. Unfortunately, even though my religion Islam is a religion of peace, we have been seeing a lot of troubles about Muslims in the world nowadays. I wanted to tell people about Islam. Islam really cares about all human. The world jihad is actually not to kill people, it is actually to cherish people, to help people to be happy. I wanted to give samples with a Muslim infectious disease doctor in my novel. I am openminded about all constructive criticisms. Feel free to tell me your opinions. It is my first novel, so in Turkish we have a saying,"Sürçi lisan etti isek affola..." which means,"Forgive us for albeit lapsus linguae."01.04.2015Abdurrahman SARMIS

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