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A Song for the Sea A Song for the Sea

by Elaine Isaak

Genre: Fantasy

Published: 2012

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Short story. Young singer Kattanan duRhys, traded to a mysterious warlord, lives in an island palace made of shipwrecks. When a delegation from his homeland comes to demand an end to piracy, he must decide between serving his new master, and aiding the strangers who remind him of home. His master reveals a new sorcery, but the song Kattanan chooses may cost him his life.A short story prequel in the Singer's Crown Universe, this story features Kattanan duRhys shortly before the events of The Singer's Crown.When Kattanan arrives on the Tikran's island, the strange palace formed from the hulls of wrecked ships oppresses him and makes him queasy. Worse yet, the Tikran, his new master, never speaks but snaps his fingers in demands for new songs. Rumor has it the Tikran is a sorceror and a pirate—certainly his acolytes are eager to stay in his good humor (when they can determine what that is).Befriended by the eunuch who guards the Tikran's harem—himself a former singer—Kattanan discovers that the new visitors are foreigners from his homeland. They've come to demand an end to the piracy, but without any knowledge of the local customs, they're sure to be ignored at best, and probably murdered.At the banquet that night, Kattanan risks his position to send the strangers advice about how to behave, earning their friendship and his master's ire. The Tikran demonstrates his power, using his extraordinary voice to command a death.With his musical skills, Kattanan might learn this terrible sorcery, and remain a castaway among pirates—or sing the most dangerous song, and lose his very life.

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