Must Be a Mistake

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Must Be a Mistake Must Be a Mistake

by Fiona West

Genre: Other

Published: 2020

Series: Timber Falls

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He just wanted to kiss her. Now he's locked in the tool trailer with his brother's best friend... After ignoring his feelings for Ainsley for years, emergency room doctor Kyle Durand finally decides it's time to act. But the same day he makes his move, he finds out she may already be engaged. Engaged? How's he supposed to get close enough to find out without making a fool of himself? Not a simple task for any man, autistic or otherwise... First-grade teacher Ainsley Buchanan's been pouring herself into Timber Falls for years on committee after committee, and this school year looks to be no different. But when the town's most eligible bachelor signs up to her Habitat for Humanity build not knowing one end of a hammer from the other, she can't help but be suspicious about why he's really there... Ainsley wants to believe that Kyle's focused attention on her means he wants something more. But she believed that before, with another man, and found out she was wrong in the harshest, most public way possible. Can she believe that this is anything other than a mistake?  Must be a Mistake is the second book in the Timber Falls romantic comedy series, set in small-town Oregon. This book contains scenes of bullying against religious minorities and sensual ice cream licking (not related), but no open-door sex scenes. Fans of Hart of Dixie love the Timber Falls series! If you like kid-prompted shenanigans, communities that come together to help each other, and over-the-top proposals, pick up this book now! 

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