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by Kevin Carneglia

Genre: Other

Published: 2012

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In the distant future, mankind has developed a way to live forever by switching bodies created via stem cell research. Arlen Burns and his sister Centara dream of a way to escape their home on the Moon colony Atlantis. When they finally get a chance, however, they learn of a terrible "project" conducted by the mysterious Enigma Corporation which threatens to destroy all they hold dear.The year is 2035, and everything Arlen Burns cares about is about to be threatened. It starts when he and his sister Centara buy a ship and leave their home on the Moon colony Atlantis. After several days of overcoming the obstacles space has to offer, Arlen and Centara learn of a consipiracy perpetrated by Arlen's former employer, Enigma Corporation. The fearsome head of Enigma, Eric Sibelius, is a man who makes his living manufacturing and planting false memories into the heads of unsuspecting citizens. When Arlen and Centara's mother disappears, the quest to save their colony becomes personal.

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