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The Happy Family The Happy Family

by B. M. Bower

Genre: Fiction

Published: 2004

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"The Northwest cattle country has never had a better chronicler in fiction of its deeds and its people than B. M. Bower." -New York Times "The signature of B. M. Bower is a valuable trade mark. It stands for fiction filled with the spirit of ranch life in the northwest." -Boston Herald "Another story of the cattle country by the author of \'The Range Dwellers,\' \'Chip of the Flying U,\' etc." -Publishers Weekly "The name of B.M. Bower will stand for something readable in the estimation of every man, and most every woman, who reads this fine new story of Montana ranch and its dwellers."-Publisher & Retailer "B.M. Bower has portrayed but few characters, but these he has pictured with the strong and yet delicate stroke of a true master. The atmosphere of the West is perfect; one sees and feels the vibrant, vital life of the ranch activities all through the telling of the story." -Cincinnati Times-Star "It brims over with humor showing the bright and laughing side of ranch life. It is a story which will delightfully entertain the reader." -Portland Journal "The story contains strength of interest, vivid descriptions, clever and convincing character drawing and literary merits, and the author lays on the colors with a master\'s touch."—Albany Evening Journal

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