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Trash Mountain Trash Mountain

by Bradley Bazzle

Genre: Other

Published: 2018

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A young man goes to war against a landfill in a novel that "revels in the absurd but never strays far from the deeply felt humanity of its characters" (Maceo Montoya, author of The Deportation of Wopper Barraza).Ben Shippers doesn't have much use for school, friends, or pretty much anyone except his smartass sister, but he does harbor a secret passion: Trash Mountain, the central feature of the noxious landfill next to his house, the fumes from which have made his sister ill.After a botched attempt to destroy Trash Mountain with a homemade firebomb, Ben begins a years-long infiltration operation that leads him to drop out of school to work alongside homeless trash-pickers, and then, eventually, intern at the very place he meant to destroy. Ben's boss there, a charismatic would-be titan of sanitation, shows Ben the intricate moralities of the trash industry, forcing him to choose between monetary stability and his environmental principles. With dark humor,...

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