There Was This Boy

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There Was This Boy There Was This Boy

by Violet North

Genre: Other

Published: 2018

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Carly was supposed to be on a girl trip, but her best friend stood her up. Whatever. She was already there, in paradise, so she decided to hang out, relax, cook, and read for a week before she started her first real job as a reporter. It was an introvert's idea of the perfect vacation.But then a gorgeous guy on the beach hit her in the head with a Frisbee. To make it up to her, he offered to buy her dinner.Suddenly, Carly has agreed to something way outside her comfort zone: a week-long, passionate fling with no chance of a long-term relationship and no talk of their families, jobs, or lives away from vacation.But can Carly stick to the plan and keep herself from falling in love?

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