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Gabriel's Horn Gabriel's Horn

by C Ross

Genre: Nonfiction

Published: 2017

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A collection of short stories you would kill to have, or at the very least maim."An example of a book. All necessary parts are here: words, pages, yep." - MC RideThere are classic questions we all love to ponder.Who was on the grassy knoll?Was the moon landing faked?What are they hiding in Area 51?Why doesn't she love me anymore?In this book you won't find any answers, there are only more questions and helluva lot of fun.Contains the classic stories:- Awaited Meal- Estrella- A short tempered stereotype- Trim, or the microscopic narrative of a leaf- PR1Nc3- Charity Is A Big Stinking Scam- Sex, Drugs, and Charity Induced Euphoria- If...- Laugh, Gasp- Century Stench- Homage to HumanNature- Promise of Pain- Fleshlife // Six Foot Slumber- R.E.L.- Gabriel's Horn- The Hound and his man

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