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Find Me: Faeries Lost Find Me: Faeries Lost

by Grace Brannigan

Genre: Romance

Published: 2013

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Pandimora loves the faerie realm Aisywel, but she's a bit of a rebel; has little interest in faerie lore, loves to eavesdrop and hops portals into the earth realm against the advice of the high elders. All in all her independent spirit isn't going well in the faerie realm. What she knows about herself as a faerie will be sorely tested when she's kicked out of her beloved home.Drew Maddox is a rough Private Investigator who believes what his eyes can see and his senses feel. He has very little use for imagination and flights of fantasy annoy him, yet when a naked woman suddenly appears on the road in front of his truck it sends his brain tumbling and his life into a spiral of myth he can barely comprehend. Pandimora wears her name well, causing her own flurries of Pandemonium just by existing. Born to a mother rumored to have the madness in her, Pandimora is different than most fairies in the Realm of Aisywel. She has little regard for the incredible histories of her people, nor of the supposed rules. While not an outright rebel, she skirts the laws of Faerie propriety, but no more so than when she overhears a conversation her ears should never have found. A high elder, one of the strongest and most magical of her people has committed a crime – and now he knows that she has heard, and seen him. Pandimora has fled, but not before the elder, Lukais wraps his dark tentacles of power around her, poisoning her and barring the doors to her realm – forever. Hurt and grieving, Pandimora awakens on a snowy road – moments from being hit by Drew Maddox’s fast moving truck. Her senses muddled, her powers muffled and her entire sense of self shaken, Pandimora reaches out to Drew in desperation, finding in him the young boy she once danced with in a field. With cord of attachment fully realized between them, Faerie magic is at play, pulling them both deep into a mire of intrigue and deceit – one that sets this unlikely pair against an entire realm of mystical beings with their own rules, trials and meanings. “Find Me” is Book One in the new Faeries Lost Trilogy – an epic journey into the center of the unknown and the hearts of two souls that can never be.

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