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James James

by Don Hatfield

Genre: Other

Published: 2015

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We are all walking our own road to Christ. Mark met James on the road to Jericho. It matters not the name of the road it only matters that you keep walking the road Christ.This is a play written for radio but would suitably serve as a staged play. It sets to highlight the subtle new trend that is recently becoming evident amongst educated couples in emerging developing economies. The previously traditional conservative chauvinistic denial that had seen husbands out rightly refusing to let their spouses pursue every twist and turn in their preferred public careers, has been un-noticeably replaced with a highly misconstrued make-believe cooperation.It presents the modern wife with hopes that are still quite limited by her very own, age old self-shackling desire to be the good wife/mother firstly, and not practically her spouse’s economic and intellectual inability to dictate to her. He is limited to exploiting her only by relying solely on this one over-powering desire of hers.In a modern African cosmopolitan suburb reside two couples, who are very close flat neighbours. The younger couple is a newly married pair, while the much older couple already has teenage children. Though both men are gainfully employed, their equally well educated spouses are uncomfortably unemployed housewives.The articulated relationship the middle-aged couple had willingly shared with a highly principled civil society worker culminated in a genuine praxis that jarred both couples’ older and newer marriages with a reasonably honest intellectual quake of sincerity. The experience is a rude awakening for the two sets of couple and becomes a basis for the supposedly superior masculine gender to learn first hand that indeed what is good enough for the goose is good enough for the gander.The play is about only two of these couples’ normally quiet mornings.

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