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Forbidden, The Bittersweet Vampire Chronicles, Book 1 Forbidden, The Bittersweet Vampire Chronicles, Book 1

by Ava Ivy

Genre: Other

Published: 2016

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Read Forbidden, The Bittersweet Vampire Chronicles, Book 1 Storyline:

After her family's tragic encounter with deadly vampires, Ariel wants revenge. With her odd, hidden abilities she can protect her loved ones from future attack. Sneaking out, she travels to the enemy’s lair to kill the oldest vampire brother responsible. She must hurry, though. If her possessive half-brother, Kaid & his BFF, Bran--her secret ex--return home to find her gone, it will not be pretty.Discovered wandering alone in the heavily forested Highlands as a toddler, Ariel--with her inquisitive glowing eyes, supernatural healing abilities, wee fangs, bouncing pale curls and happy disposition--was discreetly adopted by the MacDonnel family and officially claimed as the illegitimate daughter of its powerful leader....WITH WEIRD ABILITIES. Since that first day in the forest when Ariel touched the leader’s young son, inadvertently healing the severe breathing ailments that had plagued him since birth, Ariel and Kaid have been inseparable companions. He is Ariel's fierce defender and she is constantly by his side.TWO OBSESSED WARRIORS... Now--years later--while on their family’s annual hunt, Ariel is being guarded well--as always--by her big, insanely protective half-brother and best friend, Kaid, the future leader of the MacDonnel’s....WHO BOTH LOVE HER. Unfortunately, Kaid's other best friend, Bran—Ariel’s secret ex-boyfriend--is intent on making her life a complete misery. As one of the most aggressive warriors in their clan, Bran has always been a touch antagonistic towards her in public in order to cover up for their long-term relationship. But ever since their break up it has gotten worse...much, much worse. You would think, from the bitter way he's been acting, that SHE was the one who had ended their relationship and not the other way around.WHEN VAMPIRES EMERGE FROM THE SHADOWS, LEAVING TRAGIC CONSEQUENCES, A SEED FOR REVENGE IS PLANTED DEEP WITHIN ARIEL'S HEART... Her personal problems quickly fade into the background when the MacDonnel's inadvertently anger the Fraser's--one of the most viscous families in all the Highlands, controlled by the oldest of three vampire brothers, a notoriously heartless leader....A SEED THAT IS WATERED BY THE BLOOD OF THE FALLEN AND NOURISHED BY HER OWN HELPLESS RAGE AND FEAR. Up to this point, Ariel's whole life has been filled with pretending…that she's not stronger, faster and more skilled than everyone she knows. But her desire to protect her family from any more Fraser attacks will soon have her flexing those rarely used abilities.INTENT ON RETRIBUTION, ARIEL HAS NO WORRIES ABOUT BECOMING ATTACHED TO THE MONSTROUS VAMPIRE FAMILY… Secretly leaving her home, Ariel travels to the impenetrable Fraser stronghold to ask for sanctuary using a false identity....OR THE THREE NOTORIOUS VAMPIRE BROTHERS WHO HELP LEAD IT. Ariel thought the territorial looks would end when she left her best friend and ex-boyfriend behind at home. But why does one vampire jealously guard her, while another vampire brother constantly stalks her with his magnificent gaze? The sparkle in those yellow eyes and amused twist of his lips seem to insinuate that he knows her better than she knows herself. And why does he smell so familiar?ARIEL IS BETTING THAT LORD FRASER HAS NEVER SEEN A MONSTER LIKE HER BEFORE... And once she eventually meets the oldest brother—who supposedly isn’t in residence when she arrives--Ariel intends to smile and flirt, biding her time until she has the perfect opportunity to murder the vampire leader who's been plaguing her family....BECAUSE THE LAST VAMPIRE ARIEL KILLED HAD NEVER SUSPECTED SUCH A SWEET FACE COULD BE SO DEADLY. But Ariel must be back to her MacDonnel home within a certain number of days, before Kaid and Bran return from their trip. Because Kaid's explosive fury at coming home to find HIS Ariel missing would be much scarier than any old vampire.

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