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Poison Pen Poison Pen

by Jacquelin Thomas

Genre: Other

Published: 2018

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Bailey Hargrove only dreamed of becoming a published author until she met bestselling author Harini Samuels whose literary brilliance lit a fire in Bailey. When Harini offered to mentor Bailey, it was a dream come true until the project Bailey worked so diligently on, became Harini's next bestselling novel.More than a decade later, Bailey's put the terrible experience with Harini behind her forever and she's begun to fulfill her dreams as a successful author in her own right. The past comes roaring back when she discovers that her experience is not unique. Harini has taken advantage of other authors. Only one has the courage to stand with Bailey in exposing Harini, who responds by unmasking their secrets and hidden betrayals.Will Bailey and Lanelle's friendship survive Harini's bitter backlash? Will Bailey reveal the secret Harini thought was long buried?

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