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Shelter from Thunder Shelter from Thunder

by Michael Cargill

Genre: Mystery

Published: 2011

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Sam is a quiet and lonely boy who had the misfortune to be born a few years before World War II. Finding shelter from German bomber planes is almost a daily part of his life now but he wonders when his luck will run out...The world's #1 (if not only) Big-Data Detective returns in yet another extremely unlikely (if not impossible) adventure. This time things that should never move are apparently moving, and hidden dangers are lurking just beneath the surface. Part Freakonomics, part Sherlock Holmes, part Doctor Who, part Errol Flynn, but 100% completely absurd, with a complicated reverse-polyamorous situation thrown into the mix, The Outlier series continues with "The Outlier #2, Migrants" another Dillon Sharif Tall Tale.

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