Mind-A suspense novel.

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Mind-A suspense novel. Mind-A suspense novel.

by Danny E. Allen

Genre: Other

Published: 2011

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Psychiatrist at odds after the death of one's dear friend. Then strange things start to happen... The stoic and disciplined Dr. Doule, head-psychiatrist and mentor to Dr. Peter become conflict over the event and incidents begin to occur. But is Dr. P. the culprit. The story winds and twists until a final-ultimate incursion. Will the doctors or will their conflict be a disastrous outcome...Carsen Psychiatric Center is the residence of Dr. Peter McBride and the 15 year tenure Head of Units, Dr. Doule. They have a leader to mentor relationship, everyone respects and admires them both. Death of a dear worker, whom Dr. P. much admires, seems a trivial event. Perhaps, over a friend's untimely, uncared for demise that soon after incidents start to occur. And then, one of the events happens to the good Dr P.O. Doule. After several events the circumstances calls in the hospital authorities. Soon everyone believes that one of their own is the assailant. What occurs next is the ominous determination...

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